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MMM original subject header there Squirrel.

Ok So in conjunction with the introduction of said visitable / editable agencies I'll be running a couple of Showdowns. (or someone will).

Prizes will be some decorative items (wall patterns / carpet patterns) for agencies / offices only available through the showdowns.

I'm still working with Ben on what to give people not in an Agency.

I've tried to give an indication of Game Time versus world times.

Showdown 1:
Game Time: Saturday 14 January at 12 noon.
London Time: Saturday 7pm.
Australian Time: Sunday 6am.

Showdown 2:
Game Time: Saturday 14 January at 8pm.
London Time: Sunday 3am.
Australian Time: Sunday 2pm.

Eh that's not perfect, but it's a start.

Rye Neverdie
Rye Neverdie

As do I. I've never gotten a reply to any of my messages :( I hope that changes soon!


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