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Feeling frustrated

Imogen Griffith-Rhys
Imogen Griffith-Rhys

This might be kind of a n00b post seeing as my detective is only 39 days old but dang I've become so frustrated that I am not playing as much as I had been in the past.
Doing VVH and especially IH cases I end up losing money on cases because I have to bribe all the townies to talk and sometimes I have to use charm/intimidation on townies I have standing with. (which really pisses me off)
I know there are much higher cases than IH, I know there are SH and EH and Almost Impossible but how am I to get to those cases when I an using all my Charm and Intimidation and money on IH cases and still lose money?
I've been kind of addicted to this game but my frustration has made me move to do more reading than playing.
Any clues or help on getting past this frustration would be greatly appreciated.


imogen, i agree that you should do easier cases just to be sure to build your money and points up. then you can train up in skills like charm, intimidation and negotiation. eventually you will have a bit more breathing room and things will go more smoothly. good luck!


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