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Questions about Negotiation/False Accusations

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben/John,

May I know:

1) Does Negotiation really reduce the price of FA?

2) Does Fixer's standings has anything to do with reducing the price of FA?

If it's possible, I would like to know by PM, how does your system calculate the price of FA. Thanks for your time.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben,

I just want to know the actual equation in FA cost calculation. Even with Negotiation skill, I supposed I can opted for either:

a) Have Negotiation level 3 + a ring + gloves, giving me 60 percent off, but then it doesn't count mine as 60 percent off. or

b) Negotiation level 6, to confirm whether the additional skills will add extra discount to my FA price, which also proves that equipments doesn't give any changes to the FA price.

@TJ: Yes, I also want to know for sure, rather than just keep on increasing the Fixer's standings.

@Droid: Your FA price was half a million? My Pasteur's Coat only costs $37,045 right now, so it doesn't do much.

@SS: When I first got the first FA, it was around $1.50M and I had $600K in hand and now it costs, $1.68M and I have $1.42M in hand, I think that's quite long, but I never knew you're holding yours for 2 years.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

I would think that with 155 standings you have with fixer you reached the cap to reduce FA cost with her. I believe mine stopped after 60 standings and No extra negation level helped so I finally decided to pay that last one off (just before reaching 5 mill exp) I carried for almost a yr. After I earned over 4 times needed. Cost was roughly 350,000 with my exp. just before getting to 5mill so I think your cost are in line with your exp level. and fixer standings and cap you can earn to reduce cost.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Thanks TJ. I guess I have to stop doing favors for Fixer.

But I still have a question to ask, here's the information I have:

1) I have Negotiation level 3 (30 percent off)
2) I have Fixer's standings 155 (assuming the standings after 60 doesn't count) & bonus given after having 30 standings with Fixer) = 60 - 30 = 30 percent off
3) My xp now is 24,793,820

Is the formula:

Cost of FA
= (10 percent of my xp)
= 2,479,382

and the price I need to pay now is $1,683,098. So, the price reduced = 2,479,382 - 1,683,098 = $796,284 & that means:

796284/2479382 = 0.321 percent off

That would give me a conclusion that Fixer's standings doesn't reduce the FA cost, instead if I want to lower down my FA cost, I still can raise my Negotiation skills.

Can you help me to work out the formula, TJ? Thanks in advance.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

That is easy enough to find out you have a 3 (trained negation) put on a negation ring (+2) and a negation glove (+1) give you a 6 (the max discount and see if cost is lowered. If not then basically it is what it is and doesnt matter what formula or explanation is given why it just is.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

I've tried that and it doesn't get reduce.

Ben, can you run the numbers on prices for people all the way up the experience ladder?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen



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