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what do u do when everyone is clammed up, ur broke, and ur out of charm points?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

This game is majority about strategy, affected mostly by background skills and a little by luck.

For a disgraced doctor, the biggest weakness for us are:
1) Lack of manipulation skills
2) Lack of lock picking skills

And the biggest advantage we have is: Analysis skills

As long as you try your best to get 3 stars by matching physical evidence alone, then you can spend your 2 charm skills on getting motive and as soon as you get enough skill points, it would be best for you to spend them firstly by getting 2 intimidation skills, then 1 lockpick skill and 1 negotiation skill. Slowly then work your way towards:

1) Research (Level 1 - 2)
2) Lock Pick (Level 2)
3) Negotiation (Level 2)
4) Judge of character (level 1 - 2)
5) More charm and intimidation (up to level 4)
6) Research (Level 3)
7) Lock Pick (Level 3)
8) Negotiation (Level 3)
9) Judge of character (Level 3)
10) More charm and intimidation (up to level 6)

Just a reminder, if you put too much skill points onto a single skills, you will find yourself struggling for not having other skills.


okie thanx for ur help :)


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