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No, really. What's the difference between factions, please?

Xandra Eames
Xandra Eames

I've done a search of the forums, and every time the question is asked, it is ignored or evaded:

Does it matter which faction you choose to earn rep with (starting with documents)? Is there some advantage to choosing a particular faction over the others? What is the real difference between the three factions?

All the "answers" I've found have covered only how to gain rep with a faction (losing it with others) and that you should focus on one, but the difference between the specific factions is never explained.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Priest and Bishop (Dies Arcanum Brotherhood)
Realtor and Mob Boss (La Cosa Nostra)
Socialite and Mayor (The Order Of Socrates)

The defective detective
The defective detective

Thanks Chen, been trawling for a while looking for this man


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