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Detective Red Shades
Detective Red Shades

Guys, I'm stuck on this intermediate case. Basically after searching the crime scene I talked to the first suspect and, after getting her alibi, asked her for any leads and she said no.

Here's the problem, I can't find the names of anyone else. The crime scene didn't have anything other than a bloody footprint and a key for a Li Ming (a suspect, but I can't find anything unless I have the last name as well).

And yes, I did search the first suspects house (even though her alibi checked out) and I still didn't find anything. Not a yellow note at all (there wasn't even one at the crime scene).

Please, help. I don't want to quit the mystery as I have a reputation to keep. I have rechecked both places at least 3 times and I still can't find anything.

Detective Lechat
Detective Lechat

You must have missed a yellow note somewhere Red Shades. Have you tried tabbing your way slowly through all the rooms of the crime scene and the suspect's house. Sometimes the notes are cunningly hidden in a fruit bowl or behind plants, coats, furniture, high up on walls etc.


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