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Unlocking Factions

Rivers McAvoy
Rivers McAvoy

*May contain spoilers for some newbies*

So after persevering for more than 2 weeks ( i'm unsubscribed :S ), I've finally manged to get my standing with the Realtor up to 30, unlocking the Mob Boss! Woot! Woot!

Browsing through the boards, I've gathered enough information to make the following assumptions/conclusions.

1) Doing favors for a certain faction does not lower your standing with the other factions.
2) Once a new case contact is unlocked, there is no need to maintain your standing anymore with the Henchman who introduced you.
3) If your standing drops with a Henchman i.e falls below 30, you don't lose contact with the faction leader or suffer any other consequences.
4) Completing special missions affects your standing with all the other faction bosses. i.e +5 to Boss A , -5 to Boss B & C respectively.

Summoning my dormant math skills, I've devised the following strategy:

After unlocking the Faction Boss A, complete the daily special mission until your standing has reached 115+, which would take about 20 days, less if any favors come along. In the meanwhile hoard any new documents so you cash them all at once.

When my standing has reached 115 with Boss A, unlock Boss B and start building my standing with until it reaches 65.

Resume collecting documents for Faction C and once both Bosses A & B have standings at 65+, unlock Boss C and undertake the special missions until your new standing has reached 40.

Now all the Bosses standings should be at 40+, which will give me 9 cases in total.

Should take approximately a month give or take a few days ( I knew I'll find a use for math one day :D )

Your thoughts? Any suggestions will be welcome!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Very good thought, however:

4) Completing special missions affects your standing with all the other faction bosses. i.e +5 to Boss A , -5 to Boss B & C respectively.

Besides -5 to other faction boss, it also -5 to other faction's minions.

Rivers McAvoy
Rivers McAvoy

Thanks for the info . Can't believe I missed that. But it shouldn't affect my strategy too much.

Just started on the VVH missions and I can't seem to find any Documents lying about.

Is it just plain bad luck, or are they only available in the VH missions?

Seeing as I just reached the 10k experience mark and unlocked my first IH case, going back to the older cases seems like a step back :S

On the plus side, I could accumulate some easy money to make up for all those bribes I had to hand out earlier XD

Best get cracking then!

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Docs are found in Hard cases and beyond, they will not be in every case. Cant make things always easier to unlock as to be some challenge.


how did you advance to very very hard cases? I'm unsubscribed and don't understand how to. i have 7500 experience.

Rivers McAvoy
Rivers McAvoy

@ TJ Sweet you're right. Its slow going but not impossible.

@Miriam488 If you read the Help file, you can see that to advance to the Very Very Hard cases, a new case contact is required.

Do the Very Hard cases the Morgue Assistant offers and keep an eye out for Mysterious documents when searching houses. They sort of look like handwriting samples.

It will contain information relating to 2 out of the 3 possible factions. The names mentioned on the document are the ones you can to deliver it to. The choice is yours.

Not to give too much info away, I suggest you look around town whenever you're not on a case and talk to all the townies . The name of the organization usually gives a clue as to where to find them.

Once you build your standing with one of the minions, you unlock a new contact who will offer the more difficult cases.

Hope i helped!


Someone plz make this steady and I'll certanly read it later lol


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