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Skye Sailor
Skye Sailor

I bought a fresh pair of Aqua gloves (judge of character) today ... and they only lasted for my 4 daily cases!

Is anyone else finding that gloves are wearing out way too quickly?

Or does the phrase 'about 5 cases' mean that it might occasionally be only 4?

Detectivu Lu Peste
Detectivu Lu Peste

Might have to do with the recent changes. Read what Ben says, in game announcements:

"Here's a big one: Items are now degraded on a per-use basis instead of per-case. Only your equipped items should degrade, so you don't need to worry about items in your inventory falling apart."

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Posted by Sleuth Admin:

>> That's why you're seeing the text description of the item condition degrade faster than it would have before. It's not really 2x the damage taken per case, more like 1.2x which is what the research I did before making this change suggested was the correct conversion. <<

The whole item degrading algorithm turned out to be quite complicated. I'm not sure I got all the numbers right, but I am monitoring them.

Some of the thhings taken into account:

* We want to maintain the approximate expected lifetime of existing items. So a coat that was set to last 300 cases before the switch should still last about as long (assuming it's equipped the whole time).

* We don't want an item that has more effects to degrade at a faster rate than an item with fewer.

* Only one item should ever take damage for a particular use, so players aren't punished for having two equipped items with similar effects.

* Negotiation bonuses work significantly different than other skill bonuses, so the degrading algorithm needs to function differently as well.

* Items that speed up evidence analysis also need a different scheme.

* Same with Status bonus items

I've marked the ones that you're asking with >> <<. Hope this helps.

Skye Sailor
Skye Sailor

Thank you for replies. It does therefore look as if my gloves should have lasted longer!

Not sure what to do about it though. Perhaps the admin people will see this thread and take another look at things?


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