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Choosing between two cases

Sammy Charles
Sammy Charles

Hi, Im still relatively new here; Ive played sleuth off and on for a while now, but that was ages ago and this is the first time Ive gone at it with any seriousness...

In any case, Im wondering what the difference is between the two cases my contacts offer me. Theres the money and time obviously, but Im wondering if theres any difference in the amount xp or skill points awarded and if theres any correlation between the two.

Im not sure that made any sense, if it didnt, I humbly request you read on, as I intend to give an example:

Currently, the morgue assit. is offering me two cases, both intermediate level, and the game time is Tuesday 12:00 am. One case has a deadline at Friday 12:30 pm and a reward of $440, the other has a deadline at Sunday 1:30pm and will get me $460.

It would make FAR too much sense for the closer deadline to be a better paying case, which is what I first thought. But now Im wondering if theres any other connections to this difference. Do closer deadlines (which are the slightly more challenging option) get you more skill points or xp than the one with slightly more breathing room? Or are they both the same and the specs as randomly generated as the titles?

Or am I over-thinking things as usual?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Cases with more reward money seems to be more trickier than the ones with less money. ^_^

Sammy Charles
Sammy Charles

Okay, thanks for the help!


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