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Which standing to raise first


Hi, I'm new to this game. I just want to ask which NPC standing should I prioritize raising. I heard that when you use charm or intimidation on an NPC, it can lower your standing with them so I'm confused about this. I really appreciate your help. Thank you. :)

So far this is what I know about NPCs: (Just interested who to prioritize in the first 3 types)

1. Case-giving NPC = the ones who give us cases (morgue assistant, desk sergeant)

2. Info-giving NPCs = the ones where i could ask the address and whereabouts (waiter, receiving nurse, bartender, fact checker)

3. Evidence NPCs = People whom you can ask about the evidence (banker, beat cop, tailor, shoemaker, etc)

These next ones I learned I could unlock later in the game
4. Faction NPCs = for raising faction standing but it would be later in the game (priest, stylists, etc)

5. Fixer = for cleaning false accusation. Good thing I haven't met him/her yet. (is there any good to meet him/her)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

1) Case giving NPC.
- Because once you have all the accessible case giver's standings to 40, you get more favors offered and because of this, you get more choice to choose from, rather than the number of favors offered seems to be limited and the choices are too little that certain townies never seems to appear to be offered.

2) Info giving NPC.
- As you do harder cases, you will notice that you don't depend on suspects anymore to ask for other suspect's whereabouts and if your standings is not high enough for them to give free questions, then you'll spend quite a lot of money bribing them.

3) Evidence NPC, but for these, I recommend Police Clerk as high as possible.
- Besides Police Clerk, others are quite important too, but if you really want to choose after Police Clerk, I'll recommend the weapon townies (which you can get lucky) to analyze and match the weapon early on and able to accuse if it matches a fake alibi suspect.

I always get 2 free questions first, then bribe for 2 more questions, then give gift if I have it, but for new players, I believe getting 2 free questions first, then give a gift would be enough before you bribe for another 2 more. But it depends whether:

1) You have multiple physical evidence of the same kind to match, coz if you don't then 2 free + 2 from bribe is more than enough.
2) You have multiple suspects that has alibi with the same townie to verify (assuming you've unlocked all the suspects), then whether to choose 2 free followed by bribe or 2 free followed by gift would be part of the strategy that you can use.

Good Luck. ^_^


Thank you for the insights, guys. I'll think about your answers on what to raise first but I'll take note of the Police Clerk part. :)


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