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Unlocking New Contacts?

Det. McAvoy
Det. McAvoy

I got a newbie question. Regarding the earlier case difficulties. What exactly does 'New Contact" mean? Is there a certain experience requirement or no. of cases solved? The help file was a bit vague.

Cause according to the table I need a new contact to unlock those Very Hard Cases, yet the Morgue Assistant already offers Very Hard Cases to me. Shouldn't the new contact apply to Very Very Hard cases?

I already know that those cases requires building your standing with the various faction minions.

Just checking to see if it's an irregularity

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Reporter & Desk Sergeant:
- Beginner
- Easy (30 xp)
- Intermediate (100 xp)

Morgue Assistant:
- Intermediate
- Hard (500 xp)
- Very Hard (1,000 xp)

Bishop, Mob Boss, Mayor:
- Very Hard
- Very Very Hard (min 5,000 xp)
- Incredibly Hard (min 10,000 xp)

Bank President, Editor In Chief:
- Incredibly Hard
- Stupendously Hard
- Ridiculously Hard (min 1,000,000 xp)
- Almost Impossible (min 4,000,000 xp)

Of course, you also need at least 15 standings for the case giver to actually start to offer cases to you.


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