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Changes to Inventory and Items

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

I made some changes today to the way items and inventories work. Hopefully the changes are pretty intuitive. Here are some highlights:

* Coats and Accessories can now be held in inventory, so you can hold items you aren't currently using.

* Personal inventory space has been expanded from 8 slots to 12. Coats take up 2 slots, everything else takes 1.

* In order to equip/unequip coats and accessories, use your mouse to drag items back and forth from inventory. You can do this on either your detective page in the gear dropdown toolbox on the Case page. I tested this on a few different browser configurations, but let me know if you find a bug on the drag and drop system.

* Here's a big one: Items are now degraded on a per-use basis instead of per-case. Only your equipped items should degrade, so you don't need to worry about items in your inventory falling apart.

* Items no longer degrade when you store them in an agency locker.

Please leave any feedback regarding this new system on this thread.

Making these changes is going to allow us to offer much more diverse items (for instance, we can now do coats and accessories as favor prizes), and this was also an important first step to making container objects, so we can now start working on visitable agency headquarters, and (eventually) private apartments.

Have Fun!

Iona Gunn
Iona Gunn

Oops typo error: lost =slot

jasmin dawson
jasmin dawson

great idea


This might have been answered in the past but is there a way to move the items in the inventory around so specific ones can be visible and salable at the Pawn Store? Only 12 items are shown when trying to sell goodies at the Pawn Store but we have 16 possibilities. For some reasons, the goodies I want to sell are never among the 12 so I always end up having to sell a pair of gloves or 2 to finally get to the item I really want to sell! Thanks!


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