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SD Win without CP

Really Red
Really Red

Well this happened yesterday when i won an SD but didn't get the CP for it... Though my "real time remaining score" was zero, but earlier i have won two SDs at "zero seconds remaining" and have been awarded the CP on both the occasions..... And i also won another SD after that for which i received the CP mail....

Details of the SD without CP --- Feb-20-2011 10:00:01 - Very Very Hard

I have filed a bug report yesterday and still waiting for the feedback..... I hope none of you guys have faced this.....

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Feb-20-2011 10:00:01 - Very Very Hard
Place Participant Real-Time Remaining Game-Time Finish Score
#1 Really Red 00:00 Tuesday 06:00 AM 525
Amelia Callaghan Sleuthing

The reason being the system still recognizing Amelia Callaghan as sleuthing, so even if you won it, you won't get the CP. Another reason might be because the timer reaches 00:00.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Also if both are DQ or you solved after the 20 min time limit, which it has been allowing sometimes you wont get a CP


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