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Research - useful or not?

Etta Mae
Etta Mae

Hello fellow sleuthers.
Everytime i use "research" i get a message about an old adress at the newspaper or some other useless piece of information. Is there anything I can do to get more useful information?
Thank you :-)
det. Etta Mae

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

There are only 2 things that you can research for:

1) Whereabouts of the suspects

2) Motive of the suspects

Out of the 3 locations where you can research (police station, hospital and daily monitor), ONE location will reveal the motive and the other TWO locations will reveal the whereabouts. So it depends on what you need.

Whereabout (once you found a yellow note or lead to new suspect):
- You can research it at the 3 locations.
- You can ask other suspects for whereabouts, but that would waste your charm/intimidation as you get to higher cases.
- You can ask whereabout townies for the suspect's whereabouts.

- You only need to research for motive when the suspect has a fake alibi AND there's 3 stars worth of evidences.
- You can ask other suspects for motive, but as you get to higher case level, suspects will become less cooperative.
- You can also get motive with bank safe key (but there's only 50\% chance for the bank safe key to reveal a motive) and bank safe key doesn't always appear in the suspect's houses.
- You can also get motive with the info you found under the statue (provided there's a statue in the suspect's houses).

Good Luck. ^_^


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