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Winning a Showdown


So although I don't have much experience compared to some, I consider myself a pretty decent player. But I am slow! I can't seem to win a Showdown (although I haven't played very many). Any tips on how you can quickly win a Showdown? Are there things I should avoid? (like using the Tab key, or something similar) Any tips would be helpful, I feel like I'm never going to be fast at this! Haha. :)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hi Anniston,

I perfectly understand your concern, as the game does loads a bit slower when we're doing admin organized showdowns as compared to normal showdowns.

As for your question: Any tips on how you can quickly win a showdown?

a) Don't pick up things that takes 2 hours of your game time:
- Skeleton Key
- Mysterious Document

b) After you spent the first few minutes confirming that there's only 1 PE to be found in the crime scene, don't bother to pick up other unrelated samples from the suspect's house.

c) Practice more in normal showdowns.

d) Practice more in normal daily cases.

Note: c and d allows you to learn the most important things like suspect's habits and time-table, so that you don't have to waste time spending 4 hrs drinking coffee and so on.


Thanks everyone :)


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