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FALL Showdowns... Bang! Bang!


Sep-9-2010 18:13

Ok So 'apparently' it will be 'Fall' (or 'Autumn' if you like for the rest of the civilised world) in the US soon. (Sept 21?) So with that in mind I'll be running some Showdowns at the following times on September 25:

There'll be one at 08:00 server time

Then one at 15:00 server time

Then another at 20:00 Server time

Prizes will be hand slot items, and the 'Fall' Background supplied by Isaac.

Squirrel Out.

*all days and times are based on the Shades Game clock on the Community tab*


Result sof Showdown II whilst Showdown II is being contested.

#1 DiGris 15:05 Monday 04:00 PM 1650
#2 Michael42880 14:39 Monday 02:00 PM 1644
#3 Knife 13:17 Monday 02:00 PM 1562
#4 develin 13:27 Monday 08:00 PM 1512
#5 Svetlana Smith 12:35 Monday 07:00 PM 1470
#6 Detective Joseph Chen 11:43 Monday 02:00 PM 1468
#7 banolipop 12:36 Tuesday 02:00 PM 1281
#8 Fletchi 11:49 Tuesday 02:00 PM 1234
#9 JustAClownFool 04:16 Tuesday 11:00 PM 691
#10 MERCEY LESS 04:34 Wednesday 06:00 PM 519
anabell4848 Disqualified
Sara Meyers Disqualified
Nappypoet False Accusation


The results of the tightly contested showdown III are as follows.

#1 anabell4848 15:32 Monday 08:00 AM 1697
#2 banolipop 16:23 Monday 02:00 PM 1688
#3 Detective Joseph Chen 14:34 Monday 02:00 PM 1579
#4 DiGris 14:07 Monday 04:00 PM 1532
#5 Belami 12:44 Monday 02:00 PM 1469
#6 TJ Sweet 12:39 Monday 04:00 PM 1444
#7 develin 11:13 Tuesday 04:00 AM 1238
#8 TEALY 05:34 Tuesday 05:00 PM 769


SS, let me tell you, it's not as tightly contested as a recent showdown i had w/ banolipop where she beat me by 1 point.

Also, what would happen if 2 ppl miraculously tied?


lol I honestly don't know! You'd probably break the game and cause a major server melt down :D No I have no idea. Be interesting to see though.


Thanks to the 20 corageous Detectives who braved adverse weather conditions, time zones and all other manner of trial and tribulation to attend and participate in the 3 Fall Showdowns today.

The Major Prize pool is as follows:

WINNER Showdown I: banolipop, Prize: Pink Umbrella
WINNER Showdown II: DiGris: Hat (Flap)
WINNER Showdown III: anabell4848: Cream Umbrella
(Showdown II Winner passed prize down to 2nd Place) Michael42880 (Umbrella, yet to be passed on)

All of the above + all of the below received the unique Fall (Autumn) Background.

Belami, Dawn Chorus, Detective Joseph Chen, develin, Fletchi, JustAClownFool, kivaas, Knife, MERCEY LESS, Michael42880, Missy M., Nappypoet, RosieS, Sara Meyers, Svetlana Smith, TEALY, TJ Sweet

Backgrounds are accessed by visiting your Detective page and cliking on the 'appearance' tab under your avatar (picture).

As this was a unique event, all that was on offer today was the 1st place winning prize and the background.

Once again mine and Ben's thanks for your support for this event.

Look for new 'stuff' in coming weeks, now we've had a bit of a break.

Squirrel out.

PS please let me know if you did not receive what I said you should have! It happens.


LOL YEAH I REMEMBER THAT ONE! That was so classic!

By the way congrats for winning the SD!


my last post was @anabell4848 :)

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

The Fall background is nice. Like the color scheme nice work on it Isaac


@ banolipop, i didn't think you'd forget that showdown anytime soon, u were overjoyed when you won weren't you? cuz i was devastated lol. And we'll probably cause the server meltdown.

Thanx! you too for the first one. This was my 1st admin SD win, and prob 1st win against you lol.

well then, farewell until our next face-off, which i'll prob lose by like 21 points...


@anabell4848, just a few days ago I also lost to someone else by 1 point, and I almost beat myself up for it. So I thought that it must had felt awful on your side when you've lost by just 1 point.

Thanks! It was also my first admin SD win, it was my very first admin SD and I thought I'd have have gotten last since I was basically competing with the most competitive people on this site. It turned out that I was REALLY lucky. :)

Anyways you are a great competitor to have for SD, and I'm looking forward to competing with you again!


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