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case difficulty


i read in the sleuth help document that we can get "very very hard" cases once we have over 5000 xp. now i have over 5000 but my contact is still only offering me "very hard" cases. why is that? Should i just keep doing cases until they offer me harder ones or is there something that i'm supposed to do in order to get to a higher level? Thanks for helping!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hehe...Ben actually prevented us oldbies to reply too direct into newbies questions, hence spoiling the game, but also because of the same reason and if new players who doesn't have the patience to stop and read through the board will usually start posting threads after threads. Eventually, 50 percent of these newbies will start reading through the board while the other 50 percent will stop playing the game.

The 50 percent that read through the board, half of it will understand most of it while the other half will have even more questions (deeper) to ask after reading. Eventually, if there's 100 newbies in the game each month, less than a quarter will survive till the part where it gets interesting. ^_^

So, the question is, can we oldbies have the patience to answer every newbies questions?


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