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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

After doing some searching on community board, here are the achievable when players completed the Tutorial Case.

1) Retired Lawyer
a) (Golden Dice - Negotiation Bonus: 1)

2) Disillusioned Police Detective
a) (Old Police Tape - Footprint Analysis Bonus: 1)

3) Disgraced Doctor
a) (Used Surgical Gloves - Thread Analysis Bonus: 1)

4) Freelance Investigative Reporter
a) (Pad and Pencil - Research Bonus: 1)

5) Reformed Burglar
a) (ACME Window Opener - Lock Picking Bonus: 1)

6) Moonlighting Dilettante
a) (Cigarette Case - Charm Bonus: 1)

Durability: Disposable
Condition: Perfect

lol, don't worry, I won't spoil you all with the rest of the prizes obtainable for each backgrounds, so I hope you all don't give up and Sleuth Strong... especially new players. ^_^



Yeah, I just had a good look through the high scores lists and who is logged on, so I could check out how the new items look 'on'.

It'll be much prettier when you have a second hand slot item.

I might even have to get to a million so I can get the next achievement prize, which I quite like. And I freely admit to some jealousy at not being able to have some of the other background items. :)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hehe, depends on which steps you go through each time you solve cases, majority might think:

1) Moonlight Dilettante - Gets additional of Charm, Int, JOC at 1M xp

Which could be advantage to those who wasted too much manipulations on suspects to get whereabouts and habits or even those who's greedy not to use gifts or bribing, instead manipulate his/her way out of the cases.

2) Reformed Burglar - Gets additional of Int, Lockpick at 1M xp

Which could be advantage to those who want to save money and time, especially those who participate in showdowns a lot.

and so on and so forth, but in the end, the style of each player is different. However, I find myself and Droid and other Disgraced Doctors and Retired Lawyers kind of special players due to the fact that 90\% players chose the other 4 backgrounds instead. ^_^


... oh I was just talking about wanting me some of the other prizes :) me not so much up with the technical side of things, the bling however...


LOL, bling is nothing but a thing. Take the piss out of context (per your bio) however, there are many different meanings.

Good luck SS, you are certianly a Keeper


LOL i didn't complete the tutorial....for some reason i didn't get the yellow note and couldn't ask for more info....haha i had to quit the case


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