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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

We've dropped a few hints about equippable accessory items, but we've purposely kept quiet about our plans while we worked through some game balance issues and design issues. So, now for the big reveal.

Secret Squirrel and I have been quietly working for the past couple of months on introducing a whole range of hand held items, and we're releasing the first wave today. This first batch is all items that are earned when you reach certain milestone achievements.

So, there are now sets of background specific items given as prizes when you reach the following achievements:

* Learned the Ropes (Tutorial)
* 1000 experience
* 10k
* 100k
* 1 million
* 5 million

(we're working on 10 million and up now too... looking at you Joseph)

For existing users, who have already earned some or all of these achievements, FEAR NOT! You should now have an active mission allowing you to claim the most recent prize item for which you are eligible. Since these items are designed to wear out around the time you would normally be receiving your next prize, we felt this was a fair catch people up on the prize train.

Important Note: Since everybody now essentially has access to a few more skills, it was necessary to increase mystery difficulty across the board (well, for all levels above easy anyway). I took a wild guess at the appropriate adjustments. It is entirely possible that we'll need to make further adjustments to bring overall difficulty back in-line to the pre item days.

Less Important Note: You may notice that as you earn those achievements with prizes going forward, you will now be given the opportunity to post your achievement to Facebook. This is another baby step in Socializing the game. We're going to keep trying these steps out to see what types of wall posts people find useful, and at what point it just gets annoying. Feel free to give feedback on that.

Thanks as always to my partner in crime (stopping), Secret_Squirrel. He put in a lot of time developing the dozens of prize items we're introducing today and more to come.

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

1) "Can you buy these items?"
- No, but there will be other items for purchase with sleuth cash or challenge points (you do have two hand slots to fill after).

2) "Can you store them in lockers."
- Yes, but only people of the proper background can take them back out. Keep in mind that putting them in a locker causes some wear to an item. Not a lot, but some.

3) "Any gender requirements?"
- This current batch of items is all unisex. There will probably be some items that are both background and gender differentiated.

4) "How do the skill bonuses work?"
- They add an extra point to whatever your current level in that skill is. They can even give you a bonus if you don't possess that skill at all or bump you up past the maximum trainable level.

Missy M.
Missy M.

Thanks for the prize!! It is more than welcome!


see I knew Ben would have all the answers and that I wouldn't be required to think :)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

hmm...Adam doesn't seems to be a new player. Welcome to the game, Adam. ^_^

abigale brittany
abigale brittany

Reply deleted by Moderator.


I'm loving my bonus and the harder cases haven't negated them that I can see though it does solving cases more challenging!

It's a bummer they wear out- it'll take me a long time to get to my second million- guess that's why it's called a game instead of a store! lol

Thanks again!


Durability in the reward items is such that they 'should' last just about til your next reward, if not in some instances just past. I have seen one player with for example the tutorial reward and the next item up.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

I would also think that like coats the hand gear is damaged on a per case basis. Then if you do easier cases taking longer to get to next level. Then it may wear out before you get to next achievement hand gear prize. Not sure about this, but I am sure Joseph will be putting it to the test.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Okay, testing done, result as follow:

Aqua Gloves
- Durability: 3 Cases
- Condition: Perfect

After done first case, condition dropped to 'Good' from 'Perfect'.
After done second case, condition dropped to 'Worn' from 'Good'.
After done third case, the glove disappear from hand.

^_^ But I also noticed when I bought one and gave it to one of my agency member, the condition does dropped to 'Good' from 'Perfect'. Does it happen to show that the glove has taken damage? or will it automatically deduct 1 from the number of cases that it still can be use?

For example:
Perfect - Can do 3 cases
Good - 2 cases left
Worn - 1 case left

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


The gloves are different from other hand gear and coats, as it doesn't care the case difficulty, instead just a total of 3 cases done, then the glove will disappear.


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