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July 30th: Friday Night Fights at 10 and 11pm

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Join us in Shades of Mystery for a Friday Night Showdown Throwdown! There's a criminal on the loose and we won't rest until we find the Sleuth who can foil this dastardly villain with the most moxy.

Sleuth Admin (Ben) will be hosting two Multisleuth Showdowns at 10 and 11pm (MDT) open to all comers.

All participants will receive their choice of a custom avatar background, Golden Locket or Rare Whiskey.

This week we will be introducing BRAND NEW equipment for the winners. Be the first to own it.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Talking about the durability and condition, here's a short results of my testing:

Lab Coat Testing: (Durability: Average, Condition: Perfect)
Case 1 - 68 Completed (Condition: Excellent)
Case 69 - 120 Completed (Condition: Good)
Case 121 - 180 Completed (Condition: Worn)
Case 181 - 239 Completed (Condition: Poor)
Case 240 Completed (Condition: Almost Gone)

But does the durability affects the condition based on the number of uses? hmm...I'm not too sure, but once this coat I'm wearing totally wears off, I'll buy another one for a 2nd round test. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

opps, forgot to mention that now my coat can still be sell back at $1779.


Speaking of prizes, I really like your background, Ben. Can I get that one if I win?


@Joseph, in general with new things eg like the backgrounds, I've tried to keep it on a participatory level.

@TJ, Ben will give a brief overview of how they work eg rate of deterioration, what effect swapping items in and out of storage might have etc

Voy Seven
Voy Seven

In Europe, that would be Saturday 6 and 7 am, right?


Durability doesn't change on coats; it is a show of how long the coat will last; the condition of the coat changes based on the number of uses of that coat.


would love to take part but 5am to early uk tome for me :-(

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Here are the official results of the 10pm Showdown:

#1 thesuperdetective546 15:07 Tuesday 12:00 AM 1647
#2 Detective Joseph Chen 13:19 Tuesday 01:00 AM 1529
#3 Detectivu Lu Peste 11:39 Tuesday 12:00 AM 1439
#4 Shaunessy 10:34 Tuesday 12:00 AM 1374
#5 Joel George 09:51 Tuesday 12:00 AM 1331
#6 develin 09:26 Tuesday 12:00 AM 1306
#7 Natalie Simmons 07:57 Tuesday 02:00 AM 1197
#8 TJ Sweet 06:28 Tuesday 02:00 AM 1108

thesuperdetective546 - A Black Umbrella
Detective Joseph Chen - A 1 month subscription
Detectivu Lu Peste - Sam Spade Hat

All other particpants chose Golden Lockets

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

And the 11pm Showdown:

#1 thesuperdetective546 16:25 Monday 04:00 PM 1895
#2 DiGris 15:22 Monday 04:00 PM 1832
#3 Jojo 15:24 Monday 06:00 PM 1814
#4 Detectivu Lu Peste 14:16 Monday 04:00 PM 1766
#5 develin 09:25 Monday 11:00 PM 1405
#6 Detective Joseph Chen 12:10 Tuesday 04:00 PM 1400
#7 Natalie Simmons 07:24 Monday 10:00 PM 1294
#8 TJ Sweet 06:58 Monday 08:00 PM 1288
#9 Shaunessy 08:28 Tuesday 04:00 PM 1178

thesuperdetective546 - Being inelligible for another umbrella chose the Beach background
DiGris - A Black Umbrella!
Jojo - A Dearstalker Hat
Detectivu Lu Peste - A Golden Locket

Everybody else received "The Beach" avatar background. Don't they look relaxed?

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Phew, what a night. Watching those folks sleuth sure made me tired!

All participants finished their cases in time, and thesuperdetective546 put on a very impressive performance by beating two strong fields comfortably.

Nighty night everysleuth.


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