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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Out of curiosity, I ran a report to rank the backgrounds in order of popularity.

Here is the list, if you count all Sleuths ever created:
#1 Burglar
#2 Reporter
#3 Police Detective
#4 Dilettante
#5 Doctor
#6 Lawyer

The gap between Doctor and Lawyer is huge (no word on cowboys). All told, there are about 4 times as many Reformed Burglars than Retired Lawyers.

Interestingly, if you only look at players who reach 100EXP, Dilettante jumps into the lead.

At 10K, Reporter grabs and maintains the lead.

At 100K, here's the lineup:

#1 Reporter
#2 Dilettante
#3 Burglar
#4 Police Detective
#5 Lawyer
#6 Doctor

Anybody find these surprising? No doubt Reformed Burglar grabs the attention more than some of the other choices, but do these numbers make sense from a game perspective? Personally, I think Lawyer is one of the better backgrounds, particularly early on (which is when backgrounds matter most).

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


As posted by Voy Seven earlier:

Disgraced Doctor
starts with 2 charm (24), 1 hair (18), 1 thread (18), 1 handwriting (18), 1 footprint (18), 1 negotiation (14)
that equals 110 skill points

Freelance Investigative Reporter
starts with 4 charm (44), 1 hair (18), 1 thread (18), 3 research (30)
that equals 110 skill points

I'm sure if Admin want to work it out so that each of the background gets the same starting total skill points, I'm sure he can do it, but yeah, I think close is a much better as compared to same. ^_^


ahh i see then just as long as the number of start em up skill points is the same for everyone, then yes go for it. sorry ben guess i did not fully understand :) happy sleuthing all

Voy Seven
Voy Seven

Well, I think one more research and one more negotiation sounds nice. But I would prefer research and judge of character instead.

So when will the better lawyer be implemented?

I'd pretty much like to try that character out with a new detective...


so what's happening now?

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

I have gone ahead and made this change.

Starting Lawyers now get:
* Level 2 Charm
* Level 2 Intimidation
* Level 2 Judge of Character
* Level 2 Negotiation
* Level 2 Research

All existing Lawyers now have an additional 12 skill points to spend.

I'll repost in Game Announcements.


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