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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

Out of curiosity, I ran a report to rank the backgrounds in order of popularity.

Here is the list, if you count all Sleuths ever created:
#1 Burglar
#2 Reporter
#3 Police Detective
#4 Dilettante
#5 Doctor
#6 Lawyer

The gap between Doctor and Lawyer is huge (no word on cowboys). All told, there are about 4 times as many Reformed Burglars than Retired Lawyers.

Interestingly, if you only look at players who reach 100EXP, Dilettante jumps into the lead.

At 10K, Reporter grabs and maintains the lead.

At 100K, here's the lineup:

#1 Reporter
#2 Dilettante
#3 Burglar
#4 Police Detective
#5 Lawyer
#6 Doctor

Anybody find these surprising? No doubt Reformed Burglar grabs the attention more than some of the other choices, but do these numbers make sense from a game perspective? Personally, I think Lawyer is one of the better backgrounds, particularly early on (which is when backgrounds matter most).


speaking for myself, i never thought negotiation was helpful. as for the raising the skill points i would think of adding on a research. it has helped me a lot in harder cases when i was looking for motive or whereabouts. i think that everyone who started with lawyer before should also get that extra point.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

yes, its fair to credit existing lawyers with an equal number of skill points.

Negotiation helps in lower the price of equipments like coats, bribing & false accusations, but if players doesn't have any problem in getting money through solving cases, then yes, its under powered, but if you tweak the skill a little bit, let say:

Players can negotiate with a specific townie (could be a new townie) during a favor point to have them switch to offer another favor, with higher level negotiation skill means the more percentage of townies offering another favor will offer players a chance to get new favors offered.

Level 1 - 5\% of the townies will switch to another favor
Level 2 - 10\%
Level 3 - 15\%
Level 4 - 20\%
Level 5 - 25\%
Level 6 - 30\%

But then, this will basically benefit those players in an agency. For those who are not in an agency, maybe you have something else in mind. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Forgot to mentioned that one of the best player that I know - Smarty who is previously #1 use Retired Lawyer background. If she stayed on playing, I'm sure she will be a good example for those new players who chooses Retired Lawyer as a background.


You forgot that Droid is also one of the best player with Retired Lawyer background.


I'm not really one of the besy Luke; I've just done a lot of cases, most of them beginners since all I'm interested is doing steps in treasure hunts.

I've got 25 unspent skill points, don't want analysis skills as I don't want to spend time in the flop house.

Voy Seven
Voy Seven

All the other types have between 108 and 112 initial skill points, so if you want to get the lawyer to a more attractive level, you should add at least 15 points of value.

You might think about adding an analysis skill instead, e.g. handwriting (lawyers read a lot, and quite often they do actually have some basis graphology skills) or tobacco (they often belong to a part of the "high society" where smoking expensive types of tobacco is used to show off). On the other hand, there might be players which want no analysis at all (maybe also experienced players who would like to try out different features of the game with a different type of second detective), and then the lawyer is (now) the only choice.

Real lawyers are, however, also quite good at researching, so if you really want to use one of the skills you suggested, this one will fit best (and also gives the most points). Maybe even 2 of the skills, i.e. research AND one of the others you mentioned. Then the lawyer would, with a total of 110 initial skill points, be as attractive as all the other types.

And if you decide to change the initial skill points for lawyers, it would be just fair to give the existing players (at least in case they are active) also these 17 extra skill points.

BTW, I am very much in favour of Joseph's suggestion: high score lists sorted by background would be a nice addition.

As for negotiation, I think you needn't do anything about it, but if you think it's not so much effort, increasing the effect a bit would be nice for all who have that skill anyway. For some players money might be an issue because they want to gain a lot of money which they can use to buy more gimmicks and coats, better agency offices and reach the money-related achievements earlier.

Talking about achievements: do you really think anybody will ever reach 50000000 $? I believe the highest achievement level is not realistic...


Hey I never thought anyone would get to 10mil. :)


i need the negotiation. it really helps lower ahem FA costs :) plus i say lets keep the game fair. leave things as they are with skills. please :) and believe it or not i never liked necromancy but boy there sure are times when you need it :) happy sleuthing


Crediting existing lawyers would make sense, if you are just giving the skill points to spend as they wish. Otherwise, you might find yourself crediting some lawers considerably more than others.

Negotiation may be underpowered, but when you take into consideration the amount of areas in which it helps, it's hard to say just how underpowered it is.

Generally it won't be purchased as much as there's a lack of need for it until higher case difficulty, but as it stands, I can at points lose money on Ridiculously Hard cases even with 3 points of negotiation.


And cjm, he's attempting to make things more fair. The lawyers were given the short end of the stick, and it makes sense to try and fix that problem. To keep things fair, it also makes sense to credit currently existing lawyers.


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