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Coats and zero standings

Voy Seven
Voy Seven

A question about coats (I recently bought one which increases the standings on HS by 8 points).

Those townies with which I already have standings will have better standings (8 points more) - that works fine, e.g. the Editor in Chief offers me 3 cases instead of 2 when I wear the coat. But for those townies where I don't have standings yet (e.g. the doctor, which also is in HS), there is no increase.

You might say that it actually doesn't matter, as 8 points more on a zero-standings-contact will earn you no bonus anyway.

But there are actually 2 BUTs:

The mayor's dress coat will earn you 15 extra standing points for all NC townies, so there, +15 will actually make a difference.

The Pawn Broker in Doylesburgh - there is NO way to start earning standing points with him. Actually I thought there would be a way, i.e. buy a coat which works in Doylesburgh, and as soon as you have at least one standing point with the Pawn Broker, it will be possible to do favors for him. I suspect that at the moment there is no point in having standings with him, although he could, e.g., offer more hats/coats, or could start buying weapons from you (which you stole at suspects' houses), or could just offer you better prices for the items you sell there. But I always thought there must be a reason why the Pawn Broker is listed among "other contacts" rather than among "witness contacts".

Any idea why coats don't work on zero-standing-townies? Or if there are any intentions to change that?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Actually the coats should increase the standings for those townies that resides in that town, that includes those which you have 0 standings with as well.

yup, currently pawn broker doesn't have anything to offer besides selling coats that doesn't affected by standings. Only Admins will know when this particular townie will start playing a role in the game. Besides that, we just have to wait patiently.

Voy Seven
Voy Seven

maybe he'll be selling gloves... whatever they will be useful for. But we do have a slot for gloves, so something must be planned.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

There is something planned for the hand-items.
I know this from a reliable source.... the question when...
... something i can not answer.

Voy Seven
Voy Seven

Well, I hope the zero-standing-thing will change. A coat should work on all townies in the selected area, and not only on those where you have standings anyway.

So please, admins, change that!


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