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Adam Caine
Adam Caine

Says in the HELP? link below:

Research: Search through records to find information about a suspect. You can research in the following locations:
* Doylesburgh Police Station
* The Daily Monitor
* Spade Central Hospital

Exactly what kind of information can I get about a suspect? Can I get their alibi, whereabout, motive, habits and proofs?

Thanks a bunch,
Adam Caine

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

I too wish research skills can be use for more than just whereabouts and motives, for example, habits would be good to research for as well.

And not just limited to those 3 locations, so that research skills can be use to extract clues - let say from an Encoded Note found in a treasure hunt favor case, where players possible to find an Encoded Note, which player would use Code Breaking skill to reveal one of the faction boss' name and by doing a research at that location, reveals a "Fast Forward" favor that can be done for a townie in order to skip 1 step for the Treasure Hunt.



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