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4th of July Showdown(s)


Happy 4th of July - just.

I'm going to be running some Admin showdowns Later today server time.

There'll be one at 08:00 server time

Then one at 15:00 server time

Then another at 20:00 Server time

Maybe... maybe... we might have some new 'stuff' (not hand slot items yet) to give out as prizes to participants who err participate, as well as the usual 'stuff'.

Squirrel out.

Missy M.
Missy M.

Happy 4th to you all from across the Atlantic!


Results of Showdown One

#1 Zy Ko 13:35 Monday 07:00 PM 1600
Prize: HAT : It's Elementary
#2 cjmcebdb 13:38 Tuesday 06:00 AM 1493
Prize: HAT: Flap
#3 Secret_Squirrel 11:58 Tuesday 06:00 AM 1393
#4 Droid 11:43 Tuesday 07:00 AM 1368
Prize: Expensive Cologne & A Golden Locket
#5 Joel George 08:48 Tuesday 07:00 PM 1073
Prize: Expensive Perfume & Expensive Cologne
# 6 TJ Sweet
Prize: A Skeleton Key :D

Thanks to all who took part in Showdown 1.


Reply deleted by Moderator.


Results of Showdown where 11 people participated :)

The prize table is a bit screwy coz between me clicking the wrong buttons and people wanting to swap prizes and stuff like that ... yeah well...

#1 cjmcebdb 17:10 Monday 10:00 AM 1720
Prize: Checked Coat
#2 DiGris 14:28 Monday 04:00 PM 1498
Prize: HAT: Sam Spade
#3 lovesick 14:22 Monday 07:00 PM 1462
Prize: Eyepatch (oops) & It's Elementary
#4 TJ Sweet 12:57 Monday 06:00 PM 1387
Prize: Monocle
#5 Missy M. 14:47 Tuesday 06:00 AM 1377
Prize: A Golden Locket & Rare Scotch
#6 Michael42880 13:33 Tuesday 06:00 AM 1303
Prize: Expensive Perfume & Expensive Cologne
#7 Droid 12:49 Tuesday 06:00 AM 1259
Prize: Belgian Chocolates & A Shaving Kit
#8 Belami 13:00 Tuesday 08:00 AM 1250
Prize: Flowers & A Silk Tie
#9 Zunia 12:10 Tuesday 06:00 AM 1220
Prize: Flowers & A Silk Tie
#10 develin 07:51 Tuesday 06:00 AM 961
Prize: A Skeleton Key
#11 Jacobus 06:02 Tuesday 06:00 AM 852
Prize: A Skeleton Key * and a shiney dollar just coz you're in my agency and you don't leave the kitchen in a mess :p

Well wasn't that bout of gift giving 'fun'... that took forever. :D

Please note that there will be something 'extra' for those who have participated in this round of showdowns. When that 'extra' has been sorted :)


oh and thanks to all who have participated so far.

Last showdown for the day is in a couple of hours or so at 20:00 server time.


55 mins til the next Showdown. Eesh that cam around quickly.

Why not encourage a friend, agency mate, or a new player to have a go!


All participants to date have now been gifted with a brand new Seasonal Background. You can access this background in the usual way in your Appearance page.



#1 thesuperdetective546 15:53 Monday 07:00 PM 1453
Grey Trench Coat
#2 DiGris 14:58 Monday 02:00 PM 1448
10 Gallon Gumshoe
#3 Joel George 13:00 Monday 04:00 PM 1310
Eye Patch
#4 TJ Sweet 11:08 Monday 04:00 PM 1198
Rare Scotch
#5 Detective Joseph Chen 11:00 Monday 07:00 PM 1160
Expensive Perfume
#6 Detectivu Lu Peste 09:26 Tuesday 02:00 PM 876
A Shaving Kit
#7 AnnieOakley 06:21 Tuesday 11:00 PM 601
####8 Sleuth Admin 04:47 Wednesday 06:00 PM 317 ####
Prize: $5 to go down to the local hardware store, buy a cup of concrete, and harden up son!


Thus ends the 4th of July Showdowns.

Thank you to all who turned up to participate.

Please note the special background that everyone should have received might take a while to become accessible. It took mine a while to come through.

You don't need to buy it anywhere, it should appear with all your other backgrounds.

You can also try emptying your cache, but iit's probably more a case of waiting for the servers to catch up.

Many thanks again.

Hope you all had a good 4th of July, 2010.


Missy M.
Missy M.

Thanks, Squirrel, I really LOVE the new sunny background!!!!


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