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Is it better to train analysis or others or both/


Others like charm, judge of character, etc are quite useful in some ways. Analysis, maybe. But, to me, it's just a waste of skill points.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol...are you going to ask every single questions on community board? why don't you try it out yourself, keep the skill points you earned, until you unlock harder cases like Incredibly Hard (IH) and after doing like 100 IH cases, you can decide whether:

1) Is it worth it to narrow down suspects as early as first meet with them, without the need to ask alibi or
2) Spent more time in doing cases, finding all suspects and start matching physical evidence (PE) to all fake alibi suspects because you can't narrow them down by just looking at their profile.

But of course, everyone has their own style so it does takes time to find out what's best for your detective.

Analysis is not a waste of skill points, but as what I see, by getting your analysis skills to level 3 at such an early point in time, that's a waste of skill points.




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