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It is good to train all analysis to level 1?


Please refer to Cases that can...
After encountering that 'Logical Reasoning' case, I felt maybe analysis is not that important. Help me!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Besides looking at those cases that you do, in terms of xp reward, you can differentiate the cases by the number of same type physical evidence found in the crime scene.

For example, you're doing a Very Hard case with:
3 Footprints, 1 Threatening Note

It would make a difference if you could at least analyze the note, to reveal it to be written by a left handed person.

If the results turned out that you have 4 fake suspects, all 4 are heavy built but only 1 of them are left handed, then you do save bribes and gifts if you decided to match samples to this left handed suspect first, of course if it doesn't match, then it will match other suspects (with real alibi).


Thanks for your advice, Detective Joseph Chen!:)


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