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Cases that can be solved using logical reasoning instead of murder weapon


I just took on an intermediate favour case. And there are 2 tobacco ashes. When i had unlocked 4 /5 suspects, i checked the unknown suspect and I knew at once, the person is a lady. Good for me as I had 1 man suspect only. That's means he's at the crime scene and he had 2 stars on the list. Even though I knew he was the murderer, I still ask for proof and I accuse him.
My meaning is, if you are lucky, you can save lots of time to analyse the evidence cause you know who is the murderer.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

yes, random cases of the same level can sometimes be solve by reasoning, especially before suspects' lists are hidden as you would know how many suspect there are.

In short, I would say that:
Handprint - Level 3
Handwriting, Footprint, Hair - Level 2
Thread, Ashes, Lipstick - Level 1

1) The ones on the lowest level can give you some hint who might match it by just looking at their profiles (you can assume most of the time).
2) The ones on the middle level can only give you some hints after you separated the fake alibi suspects from the real alibi suspects (you can assume sometimes).
3) The one on the highest level won't give you any hint who it might match, until you unlock all the suspects (you shouldn't assume all the time).


Thanks a lot, I benifeited from this lesson!


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