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coat durabilities


I would like to know how many uses you have per coat.

How often can you use a "flimsy", an "average", a "tough" one etc.?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Lab Coat Testing: (Durability: Average, Condition: Perfect)
Case 1 - 68 Completed (Condition: Excellent)
Case 69 - 120 Completed (Condition: Good)
Case 121 - 180 Completed (Condition: Worn)
Case 181 - 239 Completed (Condition: Poor)
Case 240 - 258 Completed (Condition: Almost Gone)
Case 259 Completed (Condition: Gone)

On the other hand, RosieS is helping me to confirm this as well. ^_^ There you go kivaas, sorry for taking so long.


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