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coat durabilities


I would like to know how many uses you have per coat.

How often can you use a "flimsy", an "average", a "tough" one etc.?

Detectivu Lu Peste
Detectivu Lu Peste

Well Joseph, what I said regarding you playing more than 1 detective was in response to Jacobus, who suggested that you are able to play much more than 4 cases/day, and therefore to test the coat for kivaas in less days than she would test the coat herself.

But if you're not playing several detectives, and you still think that you can find out what's the durability of the lab coat quicker than kivaas can, it means that you can play more than 4 cases with your unsubscribed detective.

Either that... somehow you are playing more than 4 cases /day, either your offer to test the coat makes no sense.

Sorry... again, it's not about how many detectives you're playing.
I'm just trying to understand the logic of your offer.

Kivaas is supposed to wait until your coat degrades? Please!

If you honestly think it is a useful coat (you said you used several of them) why don't you advise her to simply buy one and see for herself?? That's what I don't understand. What and why is she supposed to wait?

Maybe I should test a lab coat for her myself... wouldn't that be nice... just to be sure... two oppinions are always better than one. Yeah! What a great idea this is! Let's all test a lab coat for kivaas!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@Lu Peste:

I think your thinking is way too much onto one side. For your info, I can play more than 4 cases a day is not only because I can make use of other detectives in my agency to help test it out for me, but I won't do it this way, because the other male detective in my agency lives in England and hence that would slow down the testing while I need my coat and he couldn't make use of it if I'm wearing it.

Have you ever thought that my agency members can store cases that they didn't have time to do and let me have them as a bonus xp when I solve those cases?

Have you ever thought that I could even store my daily cases for today and do it tomorrow, whereby I can do 8 cases instead of 4 (before server reset)?

I guess you're just ignorant and think about things way too much over one side. Well, from now on, I'll choose to ignore whatever you said on the community board and please, do not make "pest" detectives and kept on sending chat message to me on screen, that really disturb me from doing cases.

Detectivu Lu Peste
Detectivu Lu Peste

No, actually I didn't know that an unsubscribed player can play more than 4 cases /day just because he is in an agency and he can store cases.

This is a very useful information, thank you for sharing. It means that I can store some cases myself and play 34 cases/ day if I want, am I right? But 34 every day? Or 26 today and 34 tomorrow? We'll find out soon enough.

Why do you mind explaining it?

As far as I remember, you don't mind to copy /paste the help files on the boards for ignorant people like me.

Oh! And don't worry! I don't use the game chat. If you ever get messages, they are from other people. Ignore them. Go ahead and ignore me too, if you don't like me.

And what was that nonsense about your fellow male detective living in England? Is there at the login page a question about where you live and you must know the right answer?

If you want to use your fellow detectives (I doubt genre has any importance at all when it comes to lab coats, since I didn't have to choose between a man coat and a woman coat when I bought mine), do this:

login as detective Joseph Chen, put on the coat and solve as many cases as you can - then take of the coat and put it in the agency locker - logout

login as cerene (!!! very interesting unsubscribed detective, 11 days old, member in an agency - probably enjoyed a 10 days subscribtion I don't know about, but I'm only an ignorant), put on the coat, solve as many cases as you can - then take of the coat and put it in the locker - logout

login as... whoever is next

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen



Thank you Joseph! It will be interesting to find out :)

I'll check your profile regularly to see the progress. Maybe I can buy another type of coat soon (because the lab coat seems to be quite special, compared to the "standings coats") and we compare the results... just I still need more challenge points for it.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Lab Coat Testing: (Durability: Average, Condition: Perfect)
Case 1 - 68 Completed (Condition: Excellent)
Case 69 - 120 Completed (Condition: Good)
Case 121 - 180 Completed (Condition: Worn)
Case 181 - 239 Completed (Condition: Poor)
Case 240 - 258 Completed (Condition: Almost Gone)
Case 259 Completed (Condition: Gone)

On the other hand, RosieS is helping me to confirm this as well. ^_^ There you go kivaas, sorry for taking so long.


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