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SHOWDOWN: May 24 @ 03:00 & 08:00


Another Admin Run Showdown tomorrow morning 03:00 & 08:00

1st Prize is a Hat not found in game anywhere else
2nd Prize is Eye Patch
3rd Prize Locket / Scotch (favour rewards)
all others get a Skeleton Key

IF we get 7 + then a high level coat is available, and the above prize structure just shunts down one.

IF someone who has already won something in the previous Showdowns wins, then we'll negotiate another prize.

I'm flexible.

See you then... let's hope I remember :)


Sorry I always get really confused when you announce the times for these - when you say 3 and 8 does that mean that there are two showdowns? And I'm in the Pacific Time Zone so what time would these things be for me? I just want to figure it out now for next time...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

ohh i see. sometimes it does takes longer to load in showdown. Better luck next time.


03:00 & 08:00 refer to the SERVER time as shown on the Community Page. AS I understand it server time is US Mountain Standard Time.

I'm not really up to scratch with what time it is elsewhere, I'm always wrong, except in my living room.

So I'm from Australia.

Monday 03:00 (3am) server time is Mon 19:00 (7pm) (Australian EST)
Monday 08:00 (8am) server time is Mon 0:00 (midnight) (Australian EST)

Try this link:


i regret missing the showdowns today; i hope they will happen again soon. i really enjoy them!! thanks for doing these, secret squirrel!!


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