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bug in achievements


That's just unfair - I try to complete my achievements, and I just got 9 stars against the killer, but still no "guilty as sin".

I had the same problem earlier with "eggs in the coffee" - the first time I achieved the 5 days before deadline, I did not earn the achievement.

Unfair!!! I waste my time on easy cases to get this achievement, and then when I finally have enough stars, it does not work.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

lol, you could try my "Community Board - Chat with Joseph", but be warned, only this game related questions will be answered.

DCI Dani Silver
DCI Dani Silver

....@ Lu Peste;

Curiosity may be a good thing in this game after all.
It is sound advice to New sleuth or Newbies on this page.
Please keep it polite ...

Please read this Newbies.

I know achievements are hard to achieve but providing you have
taken the proper course of action Intermediate case...
as the first post said.

You will be well away...the harder the cases the more achievement chance.

Please ignore all rude comments posted on the board...


Detectivu Lu Peste
Detectivu Lu Peste

Yes, Miss DCI Dani Silver, that's exactly what I said, that curiosity is the key to achieveing anything in this game.

And yes, it was a very good piece of advice for everyone.

But no, I can't see anything rude in what I said, I only can see a bunch of people who don't like hearing (reading) the truth.
My mistake, I shouldn't have wasted my time answering questions for them.

And take note from me, as rude as you all say I am, that it is insulting to assume about a whole category of people (`Newbies`) that it is going to be difficult for them to achieve things.
I prefer to assume that they are more skilled than you are and therefore they will have absolutely no problem at all in achieveing anything (as long as they try).


to all sleuths lupu is not trying to be mean, i am not going to help anymore, when we try to be nice, and say"please read the message boards", then get accused of being mean. read the break down of the game when you go to community, then hit game documentation, and also please do the tutorial. this will help you out, then if you get stuck further, please mail one of the older more experienced players, and ask your question. just be nice about it, and you will get a response! happy sleuthing!

DCI Dani Silver
DCI Dani Silver

Okay...I will I alpologise to lupu.


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