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Friday Night Showdown @ 8pm on May 21


Another Admin Run Showdown Tomorrow night 8pm (20:00) server time.

1st Prize is a Hat not found in game anywhere else
2nd Prize is Eye Patch
3rd Prize Locket / Scotch (favour rewards)
all others get a Skeleton Key

IF we get 7 + then a high level coat is available, and the above prize structure just shunts down one.

IF someone who has already won something in the previous Showdowns wins, then we'll negotiate another prize.

I'm flexible.

See you then...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Ohh, congratulations to all winners. ^_^


Hey SS, wasn't being negative, just pointing out that to be fair on everyone they have to be evenly distributed around timezones. Looking forward to an 8 or 9AM server time one over the weekend so that Europeans can play one. Didn't realise you were doing tem in server morning since no seperate thread about it.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac Mendez

i would like to play them at other timezones too. ;)


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