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I want to build on my skills charm and lockpicking i cant find anyone to train me. The stylist and lockpicker wont train me anymore. I need to find someone else..any ideas? who do I go to next?

Inspector CVT
Inspector CVT

Hello All,

I am a beginner working on my 3rd case, and i am stuck.
no one will talk to me or answer any of my questions.
I don't want to quit the case, but i am stuck.... at a standstill.
can anyone give me any advice on how i can possibly move things along?

Prue Halliwell
Prue Halliwell

@inspector CVT:

since you're a disgraced doctor, it would be logical for you to focus to find your killer by depending on your analysis skills above anything else and for that, you would need keys to lockpick houses to collect samples for the fake alibi suspect(s) and in order to buy keys, you need money which you can only obtain from:

a) Solving cases
b) Selling gifts
c) Selling your achievement gear

Good Luck.


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