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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

About using skills:

About case difficulty order:

About guides to skills and their trainers:

About Necromancy and Code Breaking skills:

About where to find trainers:

About physical evidence and weapons (where to match them):

About case solving tips:

Hope these helps. ^_^


I am new and I read. May I suggest, it would be easier for me if the titles of the helpful hints were more focused. For example, right now, I'm trying to figure out the Special Mission for the Bishop. I understand you should do it once a day and when you need to change your favor cases? I'm highly confused. I just did a special mission for the bishop, not prior to a favor case, I earned 5 points with the bishop and I'm not exactly sure what the benefit is, other than earning points with the Bishop. Any help is appreciated. And I'm sure there's something on the message boards....SOMEWHERE.


awesome thanks these did help alot !!!!!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Special Mission is not only done in order for you to change your favors as you do them in order to increase the standings of faction boss by 5.

With 15 Standings:
- Offer you 2 cases at a time.
- Allows you to buy the Monocle (for your avatar to wear) for $4000.
- Allows you to buy the Red Leather (a coat) for $120000 and 12 Challenge points that adds 10 bonus standings to all Doyleburgh townies.

With 40 Standings:
- Offer you 3 cases at a time.
- Allows you to start a Treasure Hunt for Dies Arcanum Brotherhood Faction (when you're in an agency) for the cost of 10 standing points.
- Allow you to buy Citrine Ring (+2 Research Skills), which is an accessory that you can wear.

With 50 Standings:
- Allow you to buy the Cuff (for your avatar to wear) for $10000.

The prices will drop 10\% for every level of Negotiation Skills that you have.

Hope that helps. ^_^


i just read :)


I'm on the tutorial case, and I'm stuck already I have no idea where to go next. I have questioned all the suspects, collected almost all I could find, I have gone to the shoe shop to match foot prints, and I have no idea where to find these stars that ppl are talking about, help!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Weapons gives 3 stars
Physical evidence gives 1 - 2 stars
Witness evidence gives 1 - 2 stars


Nel82, the stars can be seen when you click on case files in the right top corner. It shows all your suspects and the items collected. When you click on every suspect you will see stars behind one or two of your suspects.
The one with 3 stars and fake alibi is the killer.
Hope this helps. :)

Krystyna Millan
Krystyna Millan

i just finished tutorial case, but i'm already stuck on the next ones. i need money, any idea on how to get/earn money??


Hi Krystyna, I'm afraid the only way to get money is by doing cases, or if you have items to sell, go to the pawn broker. Sorry :)


I'm gettin' tired of how many times I told you. No one ever reads. You're going to be perpetually disappointed.

Some people just play, with more or less success, trying to find their way through the game. They don't need anyone to tell them what to do.

Some people don't play, but ask around this or that, because they want to talk. Talk with them if you like, but don't try to teach them how to play sleuth, unless you find it amusing. But if you put your expectations in those people you're trying to teach, it's you who's going to be hurt.

Isaac Mendez May-14-2010 15:35
Good point Lu Peste.
No one reads. And if they do they can use the search functions.


Detectivu Lu Peste May-14-2010 16:39
You must be kidding, Isaac... that's research... needs skills, trainers... complicated stuff.

Detective Joseph Chen May-14-2010 18:53
lol...I just keep bumping so that they don't have to browse through so many pages of threads to find what they want. ^_^

LuxCal May-15-2010 00:11
But...I *like* browsing through many pages of threads to find what I want.

I mean, it's either that or work...

marikris May-17-2010 02:55
could i ask something? i have a case right now, but i need money to buy some keys, i have another account that's more advanced than the one I'm using right now. do you have any idea on how to pass some money from my other account to this account? thank you.

Detective Joseph Chen May-17-2010 04:15
if both your accounts are subscribed, then both can join the same agency and transfer money. Otherwise, there's no other way besides selling gifts.

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