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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

About using skills:

About case difficulty order:

About guides to skills and their trainers:

About Necromancy and Code Breaking skills:

About where to find trainers:

About physical evidence and weapons (where to match them):

About case solving tips:

Hope these helps. ^_^


hi detective joseph chen i had seen ur cases u had solved almost 8000 of them good work . and ur also helping us newbies again very goodwork .
but i need ur HELP i m new one here i had just solved 16 cases without failing or deadlines
but dont think low about me i have the same confidence as u guys n very soon i may cross upto thousands cases but now help me,
i want to know that u tell me which skill training i should be train so that in future like in hard cases i have less problem now
i m in intermediate level
according to me i should
-all other analysis
what u think

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Harsharanya,

Based on your current skills:

Charm: 2 / 12 (you need at least level 6)
Intimidation: 6 / 12
Judge Of Character: 3 / 5 (you can keep skill points for this)
Lock Picking: 2 / 8 (+1) (learn at least up to level 4)
Hair Analysis: 1 / 3
Thread Analysis: 1 / 3
Handwriting Analysis: 1 / 3
Footprint Analysis: 1 / 3
Cosmetic Analysis: 1 / 3
Tobacco Analysis: 1 / 3
Research: 2 / 12 (learn level 3)
Necromancy: 2 / 2 (you can keep skill points for this)

Starting from Hard case level and up, 1 suspect will die, but since you don't and haven't reach the point to learn the skill to speak to the dead suspect, don't worry, the stars will not come from the dead suspect (or else it would be impossible for new players to solve the cases with dead suspect).

If you plan to get more manipulation skills (Charm/Intimidation), then I suggest you don't start doing Hard cases first. Instead, continue doing Intermediate cases, until you have both manipulation skills at level 6. But your main goal is also to raise standings for the following townies (Barber, Tailor, Banker and Shoemaker), so that when you have at least 15 standings with them, you can buy the gloves that add 1 level to analysis skills. If you can afford to buy gloves without being low on money, then you have saved at least (18+18+18+18) skill points in which you can invest into other skills.

While having a lot of charm/intimidation will help, you might need Judge Of Character as well, to really make good use of them as you get to harder cases.

RANK 1 - Charm: 2 / 12 (you need at least level 6)
RANK 2 - Research: 2 / 12 (you need at least level 3)
RANK 3 - Lock Picking: 2 / 8 (you need at least level 4)
RANK 4 - Judge Of Character: 0 / 5 (you need at least level 3)
RANK 5 - Necromancy: 0 / 2 (you can keep skill points for this)

If you really plan to reach higher case level without getting stuck on money (to bribe, buy keys), you need at least level 4 in lock picking, but in the long run, you would need Negotiation skills as well.

Good Luck.

karen smalls
karen smalls

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Sweet Pandemonium
Sweet Pandemonium

Well, i was reading in the front page that no one reads these topics, but i have to say it was really helpfull that you gather all the information here! Thank you :)


I read!! But I have one question regarding "accusing the killer"... I have found out who the killer is, with three stars and a fake alibi. I have used my only intimidations and because I don't have the motive I cannot accuse.

What do I do? I think it's silly that they "clam up" so quickly and you can barely ask any questions. Even the shops and other places "clam up" and you have to offer bribes or intimidate them. Doesn't give you much of a chance to find out what you need to know.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


You can get motive of the killer by asking other suspects, but since you said they clammed up on you, then the other way is to research for the motive. There's 3 locations (Police Station, Daily Monitor and Hospital) in which you can do research, but since you have only level 1, then you can look at the killer's connection to the victim, if its business related/family related, then the motive would be in the Daily Monitor.

In order to make towns people more co-operative, you can increase their standing points by doing favors for them. Besides bribing townies, you can give them 1 gift.


I am new and I read. May I suggest, it would be easier for me if the titles of the helpful hints were more focused. For example, right now, I'm trying to figure out the Special Mission for the Bishop. I understand you should do it once a day and when you need to change your favor cases? I'm highly confused. I just did a special mission for the bishop, not prior to a favor case, I earned 5 points with the bishop and I'm not exactly sure what the benefit is, other than earning points with the Bishop. Any help is appreciated. And I'm sure there's something on the message boards....SOMEWHERE.


awesome thanks these did help alot !!!!!

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


Special Mission is not only done in order for you to change your favors as you do them in order to increase the standings of faction boss by 5.

With 15 Standings:
- Offer you 2 cases at a time.
- Allows you to buy the Monocle (for your avatar to wear) for $4000.
- Allows you to buy the Red Leather (a coat) for $120000 and 12 Challenge points that adds 10 bonus standings to all Doyleburgh townies.

With 40 Standings:
- Offer you 3 cases at a time.
- Allows you to start a Treasure Hunt for Dies Arcanum Brotherhood Faction (when you're in an agency) for the cost of 10 standing points.
- Allow you to buy Citrine Ring (+2 Research Skills), which is an accessory that you can wear.

With 50 Standings:
- Allow you to buy the Cuff (for your avatar to wear) for $10000.

The prices will drop 10\% for every level of Negotiation Skills that you have.

Hope that helps. ^_^


i just read :)


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