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How many stars of evidence max.?


What is the highest number of stars of evidence against the murderer you could possibly acquire?

I actually never found more than 8, although I asked all witnesses for proof, I managed to find the murder weapon in the killer's house and a part of the physical evidence from the crime scene matched.

I know that there must be at least the possibility of 9 stars against the killer, but is this already possible with IH (or lower) cases?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


You need to have at least a weapon, a 2 stars footprint, a 2 stars threatening note and a 2 stars witness evidence in order to get at least 9 stars and with that many stars pointing at a fake alibi suspects, its very hard to get that with high level cases above Hard.



I got all my non-exp and non-money achievements within my first 2 days of playing, and all of them are from intermediate level cases.


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