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Rosalind Duke
Rosalind Duke

It's really irritating that when you research someone, it sometimes just gives the address. but to the other extreme, it's annoying when you want to find an address but instead they give you the motive.

I want to suggest to the Sleuth Team that when you research a suspect, and it should give you the address, whether or not you get the motive. It is a good idea?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Out of the 3 research location, based on the connection between the suspects and the victim, one out of the three location will reveal a motive while the other 2 location will reveal the address of the suspect.

Just try your best to note down every different connection between your suspects and the victim and note down in which location for which suspect connection that you always get motive, then you can save your research skill.

Min 3 research skill will guarantee you a motive, if you have less than 3, its a guessing game.


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