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Like is says: a Suggestion Box.

[be polite, I meant GAME suggestions!]

That's not to say we haven't got lots of ideas for things in the pipelines, but I'm sure there are lots of players out there who have lots of ideas about how to make the game a better / more interesting one, and we're always interested to hear what those ideas are.

Especially if they're explained clearly and constructively. :)

Who knows maybe you'll see an idea of yours up in lights :)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Sorry for double-post.

It came to my attention about the issues of blocking hunts. How does agencies block hunts? Well, blocking hunts can happen in 2 ways as follows:

1) When an agency mark and record down other agencies' time of hunting and holding the hunt on the last step and wait until the next hunt schedule.

2) When an agency really couldn't get the particular favor to proceed the hunt.

That's what happen when only one agency is trying to prevent another agency to do hunting, which is not that serious, as simple as organizing different time of hunting.

But what if more than one agencies is trying to prevent this particular agency to get hunts, is this acceptable? Even if its acceptable, how far would it be acceptable?

As I've suggested before, to actually promote more agencies to participate in hunts:

1) Do not limit them with the winning rewards.
2) Each faction' hunts should last for 3 days or more, allowing more agencies to participate in the same hunt even though another agency has finished it.
3) Do not display the percentage done by agencies in the community page, only show the agency name.

So, hunts on the community board should show something like:

Active Treasure Hunts

Participating Agencies: Agency A (On going), Agency B (Completed), ..., so on
Treasure's Name: The Lost Tiara of Al Capone
Faction: Dies Arcanum Brotherhood
Reward: $11500 & 575 Fame
Started: 2011-04-18 06:00:01
Completed: 2011-04-21 23:59:59

First place based on TH size gets more Challenge Points and so on, but most important is that even after an agency completed the hunt first, the rest of the participating agencies still can work their way to finish the hunt and get lesser reward. This is to ensure that no blocking hunts will happen. Even if it does, each agencies will have 3 - 5 days depending on the TH size to complete the TH before considered total lost (no reward given) and before new hunts for the factions are generated.

The fact is:
1) To prevent agencies from blocking hunts intentionally or unintentionally.
2) To make sur

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen


2) To make sure smaller agencies can have equal chances to do and to complete hunts.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

Well since you put the suggestion out there to others agencies to do,
which they have been doing. What is the point of this post ???

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

So to it just came to your attn? is acting like the rest of us are naive or you are being misleading. Since you told me you told a couple other agencies how to do this. Would you like me to copy and paste the PM?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

since you put it in a rude way, then because your agency is unable to block other agency to hunt or to beat them in closing those hunts, then why do you complaint about other agency blocking the hunts?

If you want to blame for giving this suggestion to other agencies, you might as well try to block their hunts as well, then I can see how well your agency can do in treasure hunting. Or else, don't complain.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

You are correct I guess your true colors are again being shown.

I guess it is time for agencies to challenge Hunts

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@TJ: reply to your 2nd post.

I don't want to bring the problem from smail to the community board, that's why I put it that way. But yes, I admit that I gave suggestions to other agencies, because this way of blocking hunts is one way to prevent faster/bigger agencies from growing and whether they chose to do it or not, its up to them.

Like your agency never jumped on other agencies' hunts, or else they won't team up against your agency.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

@TJ: reply to your 3rd post.

Since when did Admin said agency can't challenge each other's hunt? I believe every action has a reaction or else they wouldn't have lost quite a number of hunts because your agency couldn't stand looking at the hunts wondering whether they're going to finish it or not or purposely leave the hunt that way in hope to block other agencies.

My standing is still strong, as I told others many times, if you steal from me, you'll definitely see me stealing from you, that's the part of the game. If you can take the lose, then its time to quit.

TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

My agency (Renegades) has not yet Jumped a Hunt (challenged) but our Hunts have been jumped by others (unsuccessfully).

Have I challenged hunts in the past YES (when a member of a different agency). Like you said it is part of the game. But I never took part in trying to block hunts or prevent others from taking on TH is they chose to work.

Like you said Ben as set it up for TH to be challenged. So I guess I will consider doing so again.

You brought the problem from Smail to the Board when attempting to Post on the boards. In a way like you knew nothing and then take the opportunity to asking for more rewards for TH.


I'd just like to say this about blocking hunts; it's relatively simple to sit on last case on a hunt and deny others a chance to enjoy themselves but it doesn't gain you anything, it just spoils things for others. It does happen accidentally occasionaly (we all ran out of favours on Sunday) but to deliberately wait until just after hunt generation time and then accuse is selfish.

It's not big and it's not clever.


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