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Like is says: a Suggestion Box.

[be polite, I meant GAME suggestions!]

That's not to say we haven't got lots of ideas for things in the pipelines, but I'm sure there are lots of players out there who have lots of ideas about how to make the game a better / more interesting one, and we're always interested to hear what those ideas are.

Especially if they're explained clearly and constructively. :)

Who knows maybe you'll see an idea of yours up in lights :)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Besides having only murder cases, I would like to suggest:

1) Missing person case
- A [Client] hires a detective to find a missing person, as in kidnap.
2) Missing document case
- A [Client] hires a detective to locate a stolen document.
3) Missing property case
- A [Client] hires a detective to locate a stolen property, for example: jewelry, money and so on.

Different things can be offered to the detective as reward, since:

Murder Case - Money, XP, Skill Point
Missing Person Case - Challenge Point, XP, Skill Point
Missing Document Case - Gift Point, XP, Skill Point
Missing Property Case - More Money, XP, Skill Point

The environment of each type of cases would be different, but the outcome can be rewarding. ^_^


This may have been suggested in the past - if so - sorry...

I would like to see what I found at a suspects house when I look at their case file.


I'd like a pony, have ever mentioned that? Coz I would!


what squirrel


no pony!


there should be a option for beginners game tips for beginners(less than 1000xp) about how to go ahead in game easily


howz that

Meg Hitchy
Meg Hitchy

I thought that maybe there could be different cases instead of murder because it would be good if there was different crimes that people commit like drugs raids,robbery,assualt maybe.Its just murder is getting a bit BORING!!! :) Please consider it!
Meg x

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi Ben and SS,

I would like to suggest that we players have more inventory spaces and locker spaces:

1) Inventory
- At first we have 12 inventory spaces (gifts) + unlimited skeleton keys, but now we have only 8.

Can you revert back to 12 inventory spaces (gifts) and a separate unlimited skeleton keys inventory spaces? or maybe we can purchase upgrades to store more (can make use of money and challenge points)

2) Agency Locker
- Refurbished Mansion only have 16 spaces

Can we have separate spaces for:
a) Gifts
b) Skeleton keys
c) Coats
d) Accessories

And it would be fun for each members of an agency to earn a unisex gift for completing a TH based on the total steps:
$5500 - +1 gift (can give to both male & female)
$7000 - +2
$8500 - +3
$10000 - +4
$11500 - +5

^_^ Thank you for your considerations.


TJ Sweet
TJ Sweet

I too would like to see separate space for coats and accessories in agency lockers like we have for personnel gear.

Can limit how many coat/accessory space is based on Agency Headquarters.

Small offoce 2
Warehouse 3
Large Office 4
Mansion 4

That alone would free up alot of space. Skel keys I say use them, keep them in your inventory or sell what you dont want.

Gifts for completing a TH? I have alot to say about this and just not the gift idea.

Overall some of what you suggest Joseph would be nice.


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