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Based on my current achievement, it can be derived that you probably need 500M exp to get all the achievements in the Exp section. I guess it might take 100 years playing this game.

Other achievements are more interesting.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

only 100M ^_^

Morse = 10M

then there's 3 more, if I get the next one at 15M xp, then the next one might be 25M and end with 50M, but that doesn't give you max skills yet, as you can get the last skill point at 93M xp. I maybe wrong but i think after 10M, next is 25M, followed by 50M and end with 100M. ^_^


XP and $ achievements will probably be looked up by those people who don't want to do the hard yards as well... hard. However, not all achievements should be so easily obtainable that a 2 day old player can achieve them all in err... 2 days (well done by the way 服部半藏]

So 'some' of the other achievements that we have scheduled to come out [some time down the line) will probably mean players will have to play the game quite a bit to get them.


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