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negative standings?


I read several times about negative standings with priest/socialite/realtor, but however, the standings page only mentions the options "0-29 no bonus" and "30+ various bonuses".

At the moment I have only unlocked the bishop, but I don't want to loose him when I unlock the others. My aim is to have all three faction bosses at 40 to get more cases.

If something like negative standings would not exist, I could just bring my bishop to a standing of 240 (with special missions at 5 points each), then build up the socialite to 30 which gives me the mayor at 10, while the bishop would now probably be at 210 (worst case, if I got the socialite only with documents and not with favors). Now I would do 6 special missions for the mayor to get him on 40, while priest and bishop loose 5 points each, so in the end my priest would be at 0 (I would't care because he is of no use for me anymore), but the bishop still at 180 contact points.
Then I would build up the mayor till 100 points with special missions, which renders me the bishop at 120 points.

Then I would go for the realtor (earn 30 points) and the mob boss (add 30 points via special missions). Mayor and Bishop should now loose 60 points each for the missions which I do for the mob boss, so I would have bishop 60, mayor and mob boss 40 in the end.

Sorry, this was quite a long calculation thread. This will only work if something like a negative standing will not occur. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to get all three faction bosses at 40...

Finally my question: from WHEN can you get negative standings?

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

There's no negative standings, the min standings will be 0 (zero). And regarding having all 3 contacts at 40, the rules is very simple.

PM sent.


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