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I've issued a challenge to my agency and I'm asking for your help.

Seamus Doyle
Seamus Doyle

Not a one of them has any kind of imagination regarding their Bios. This saddens me. So I've issued a challenge to them to use their imaginations to come up with interesting Bios. I've promised the best one $1000. Because I feel it is not fair that I am the only judge I am asking for your help judging the bios.
They have until the fourteenth to come up with new bios, after that we will began judging.

What do ya say? Interested in helping me judge?


Bsomething? Seamus Doyle, do you mean me? My screen name stays on the left site of my post. I don't understand why you call me like that...

I just thought I may not post my bio since I'm not in your agency nor I'm subscribed to be able to join at all. I know you from this thread so yes, we've never been friends, but this might will change... who knows what the future will bring...

Anyway, I'm not interested to judge. I will enjoy reading the bios of the people who post it here.


Oh, yea, Jayne decided to join the competition... LOL... Shucks , so much for the easy win. :) Really enjoyed reading it. yours to Dijar.


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