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Can't understand the system???


hi all,

I am new to this game...But I have been playing the game for the past two three days. Today I came across a case...Where it had three suspects in the end.

Suspect #1 : 2 stars(Alibi : Fake)
Suspect # 2 : 2 stars( Alibi : Real)
Suspect # 3 : 3 stars(Alibi : Real)

The evidences were two torn fabrics , a blunt weapon and a foot print. Actually the torn fabrics matched with Suspect # 1. Blunt weapon(which was used to kill the victim ) matched with suspect #3 , and the footprint matched with Suspect #2. Since I was not able to prove any more evidence against any suspects, I went ahead and accused Suspect #1 because of fake alibi and I got the murderer. But seriously I think that this was not that fair. Suspect # 2 and Suspect # 3 (both told that they met each other) who had bigger evidence against them should be the criminals, and they lied to me that they met each other at the time of murder would have made more sense. Can't under the system and also was very curious about this?

Tristan J. English
Tristan J. English

Did you try asking #2&3 for proof against #1? In ever case there is at least one suspect with testimonial evidence against the guilty suspect.


this is a sinple logic game in terms of how the computer program was written and for me, that is the beauty of this game; the games are randomly generated and it doesn't matter how guilty someone appears, if he or she has a good alibi, you just forget about them. it's a process of elimination. a good alibi is good info; it means you let them go. find out who has a bad alibi and then go from there. ps have fun!


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