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NO DEAD BODY(?????????)

Raina S.
Raina S.

I just started a case. I went to the crime scene, there were 4 rooms--living room,2 bedrooms, & a den!
THe den isnt loading & the dead body's nowhere, no clues, I tried 4 times for DA DEN, but no results.:-(
PLS ADVICE, Should I QUIT????????????


Hi Raina, It wouldn't hurt to quit, you don't really lose any points or anything, and then you won't have to deal with the frustration. But if you're not in a hurry, you might try leaving this site and then going back in and trying again, since the problem seems to be just a loading issue. If there's a lot of traffic and the server is slow where you are at the moment, maybe you will have better luck at a different time. If you leave the site the game will pick up right where you left it. Anyway, good luck!


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