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Cases (In Difficulty Order)

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Beginner: 10 xp
Easy: 20 xp
Intermediate: 40 xp

Hard: 80 xp
Very Hard: 160 xp

Very Very Hard: 320 xp
Incredibly Hard: 640 xp

Stupendously Hard: 1,280 xp
Ridiculously Hard: 2,560 xp
Almost Impossible: 5,120 xp

With each gap, you need to unlock new case giver. ^_^

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Did you mean the case time? or the real time? In real time, that's a total of 20 mins allocated for each showdown and the only way for you to save real time is by not clicking on everything that you see. In crime scene, of course you need to click on every click able things, but with suspect's houses, you don't have to, as long as you make sure you've not missed any physical evidence in the crime scene, then you don't have to collect all the samples, unless there's one of each type of PE found in the crime scene.

In terms of case time, if its possible, do not spend 4 hours while waiting for suspects to return/leave home, as these few hours are crucial for you to find other informations. Don't collect skeleton key and document as these reduce additional one hour, meaning instead of the normal one hour per house, if you've collected both the skeleton key and document, you've spent 3 hours. When you see a statue in the suspect's houses (especially fake alibi), take a look on the paper under the statue, that will give you the location to research for motive, which also save you another 2 hours. Or better still if you have enough manipulation skills to use when asking for proof of the killer, you might as well just ask for motive and habits as well, so that you can even save another extra one hour on your case time.

Also, Droid also mentioned that if you don't visit the flop house (when you don't have a lab coat), you will save some hours as well.

Good Luck.


Thanks a lot, this is very useful!

I will apply your advice! On case time, I'm usually good to meet the deadline but on real time, I need to improve my skills! :)



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