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In Game Chat Coming Soon

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin

I'm going to try to do a better job of keeping you all informed about upcoming changes, and new features we're working on. With that said...

A feature that I'm very excited about is an in-game chat system that allows you to see and interact with other players who are in the same location as you while you're playing the game.

So, if you walk into the Tricky Mister, you could see that there are five other detectives already in there and be alerted when people enter or leave the room, or when they start talking with the bartender or beat cop. You'll be able to say things out loud to everyone in the bar, and look at an abbreviated detective view without leaving the Case screen.

The immediate goals here are to:

a) Foster more communication between a wider range of players, including folks who aren't interested in the Message Boards or starting up conversations via Sleuth Mail.

b) Give the game a greater sense of place and space.

In the future, I see this giving more punch to upcoming features such as Visitable Agency Headquarters and Player Owned Houses, and some even cooler uses that I'll let you guess at.

I realize that live chat isn't everybody's cup of tea, and that no amount of moderation can keep jerks from being jerky. So, with that in mind, I am planning on taking the following precautions:

* We'll have an easy ignore button similar to Sleuth Mail that allows you to permanently block all messages from anybody who is bugging you.

* Moderators will have the discretion to ban users from chat on-site. We'll probably have the first ban be for 1 day, the second for a week and the 3rd will just be permanent. An alternative to doing this through moderators may be to have some kind of auto-ban if you get ignored by a certain number of users in a certain period of time.

* There will be a swear filter, for what it's worth.

* The whole chat mechanism is going to be tucked down at the bottom and easy to ignore. You'll be able to maximize it while chatting, but in the default view, it's just going to be a small area where


Awesome! :D

Nicholas Warren
Nicholas Warren

Awesome. Just the site.


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