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ridiculously hard


how many players r there who have unlocked ridiculously hard????

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Experience: 13420790
Experience: 3343650
Experience: 3253040
Experience: 2780880
Experience: 2459400
Experience: 2147380
Experience: 1867490
Experience: 1689540
Experience: 1547380
Experience: 1403130
Experience: 1401620
Experience: 1291350
Experience: 1085510
Experience: 1037020
Experience: 1008000
Total = 15 Players have unlocked RH so far.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Don't you want to unlock Ridiculously Hard level too? hmm...riz?


i want to unlock but it's not so easy
i have to do great work then only i'll be able to unlock it

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Just think positive and set your goal one at a time. For now, your first goal is to reach 100,000 xp.

Then find photo, then slowly unlock Stupendously Hard cases, learn necromancy, so that you can get 3 stars on all your SH cases.

Then continue doing 30 SH per day (if possible) to reach 1M xp, then you'll be the next person on that lists.

Good Luck.


thnx joseph
u have helped me alot but i don't understand

Missy M.
Missy M.

I did find the photo, but I have 1 question: how do I increase the standings with the locksmith and/or stylist up to level 10? Do they appear in the favor cases?


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