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Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

I've decided to share my mystery bio story writing here with all of you.

DISCLAIMER: Please forgive me for my bad english.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 9 - Death At The Mansion

<Upon pushing the main door opened, we heard screams>

[Joseph]: The scream seems to come from the first floor! Lets go!

[Mrs. White]: Okay!

[Raymond]: Can I stay here?

[Joseph]: No! Lets go!

[Raymond]: Okay! Whatever you say!

<When we reached the 1st floor landing, Ms. Scarlet screamed again>

[Ms. Scarlet]: No!!! Joseph, Jack is dead!

[Joseph]: What?! What happened?

[Mr. Green]: As told by Jack earlier, me, Scarlet, Mustard and Peacock stayed at the Billiard Room, waiting for Jack to return, together with Victor.

[Mrs. Peacock]: And we happened to joke about the board game, for having characters bearing the same name as us.

[Col. Mustard]: And we were wondering what would we do if someone kills Jack same as the board game. Then suddenly, the lights went out.

[Ms. Scarlet]: We wanted to go out to have a peek, but then Mustard reminded us that this mansion was once a haunted mansion!

[Col. Mustard]: Looks like I'm right! Jack is dead now! It must been the curse from the ghosts that haunts this mansion!

[Mrs. Peacock]: Ohh Mustard, don't you go again scaring us all! We all know that there's no ghost here!

[Mr. Green]: Then how did Jack died? By the way, who was the person who found Jack's body first?

<After some pause...>

[Professor Plum]: It was me who found Jack's body first. I was in the washroom, when I heard some arguments outside of it. So, I tried to listen hard to what the 2 peoples are talking about. I'm not sure who is the other person, as his voice is not familiar to me, but the other voice definitely belongs to Jack.

[Joseph]: Okay! I want each of you to stand on that corner of this room. I want to do a crime scene investigation now.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 10 - Crime Scene Investigation

I walked back and forth, holding up my magnifying glass, to check Jack's body. I noticed a soft scar on Jack's neck, but that's definitely not how he was killed. The room seems a little untidy, but there seems to be no sign of struggling.

Jack had a deep wound on the back of his head, deep enough until I could see his skull and not only that, his fingers seems to have some skin from scratching something or someone...

Quickly I looked back at the guests and noticed Raymond seems to cover his scratches with his long sleeves. However, I noticed he's no longer holding the wrench.

Where did he kept the wrench? I think I have to start questioning my suspects now, but who shall I start with? There seems to be so many questions in my mind, but I'm struggling to whom I should start questioning first...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

< To All Readers >

Each one of you will be given a chance to guess who is the killer, only one chance though. Post here, together with your version of CHAPTER 10 - Crime Scene Investigation, continue from:

"There seems to be so many questions in my mind, but I'm struggling to whom I should start questioning first..."

Lists Of Suspects:
1) Raymond
2) Professor Plum
3) Colonel Mustard
4) Mr. Green
5) Mrs. Peacock
6) Ms. Scarlet
7) Mrs. White
8) Joseph

I will reveal the full length of CHAPTER 10 by November 15th, 2009. I hope each of you will get a good guess of the killer. ^_^


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