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Mystery Bio Story Writing

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

Hi All,

I've decided to share my mystery bio story writing here with all of you.

DISCLAIMER: Please forgive me for my bad english.


Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 3 - In The Kitchen

"Mr. Joseph, help yourself. There's some wine cookies in the jar on your left, some blueberry biscuits in the container on your right or you prefer to have a cup of hot pepper rum?", said Mrs. White.

"Ahh... I know hot pepper rum is a cure for an unconcious person, so what are you trying to play here?", I looked at Mrs. White with a stern look on my face. "Don't get me wrong, Mr. Joseph, its just that recently, Master Black not feeling so well, kept on feeling unwell and I need to give him hot pepper rum to revive him.", explain Mrs. White.

Hmm...I didn't exactly trust Mrs. White's explaination, but I couldn't prove it totally wrong unless I confirm it with Jack. Maybe I'll have a talk with him later on tonight. Guess I'll grab some blueberry biscuits then.

At the same time, I noticed Mrs. White was hiding something under her apron, I wonder what is it, could she be doing something nasty to Jack all these while, furthermore, she's the one preparing all the food in this mansion now.

"Out! Out! I need to prepare dinner now!", shouted Mrs. White.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 4 - Servant From The Past

"Ahh! I see you're getting your hands on those blueberry biscuits, they're my favorite too!", said Jack. "Did you feel anything weird after eating them?", I asked Jack softly. "Weird? What do you mean by that? There couldn't be anything wrong with them, as I've been eating them since I was young.", said Jack.

"You mean Mrs. White was serving your family for 50 years already? That couldn't be, how old is Mrs. White now?", I asked Jack in disbelief. "Nah! Her parents was serving my parents and so she just continue her duty as a servant.", said Jack.

"Ohh Jack...just now I saw Mrs. White hiding something in her apron, maybe you want to ask her what she's hiding? I think there's something not right about her, its better for you to be safe then sorry.", telling Jack in a serious tone. "Hahahaha! What else she could be hiding under her apron, I know its a knife. You know, today we're not only celebrating your 30th birthday, but also to celebrate your sacrificial day! Hahahaha!", said Jack with an eerie smile on his face.

"What?! What are you talking about?", I asked Jack. "Nah! Old friend, I'm just joking, you're just too serious sometime. Maybe its time you close down your investigation agency and join my company.", said Jack sincerely.

"Ohh, let me show you around the mansion, as there are at least 9 rooms in this mansion, I'm sure you'll be suprise of what you'll see in those rooms.", said Jack. "Okay! Lets go then.", I replied.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 5 - Rooms

"As we can see here, there's a Hall, a Dining Room, a Living Room, a Billiard Room, a Library, a Ballroom, a Kitchen, a Conservatory Room and a Study Room. However, those are only on the ground floor.", said Jack.

"On the first floor, there are bathrooms, master bedroom, guest room, control room and a secret room.", said Jack. "I'm sure you'll know what those rooms are for, but please don't ask me what the control room and secret room are for, because its a secret.", said Jack.

"Dinner is ready!", shouted Mrs. White on the top of her lungs. "Ohh...lets get to dinner now, then I'll show you each of the rooms, okay?", said Jack. "Okay, whatever you say, you're the owner of this mansion.", I reply.

"Ohh...Mrs. White, what have you cooked here specially for Joseph?", Jack asked. "It looks like whipped potato with pepper gravy, your favorite, I think.", whispered Jack to my ears. "Yes, it is, thank you Mrs. White", with a smile on my face. But I can see she's merely showing me a cold face in return.

"I just follow orders here!", she snapped back at me. "If I'm given a choice to cook the food I want, I'll prefer not to prepare any of these dishes!", she murmured from the side of her lips. "Ohh... why is everyone so quiet?", I asked. "Is it because of these dishes not suitable for everyone?", I asked.

"Nah", said Col. Mustard. "Don't be sensitive, boy.", said Mrs. Peacock. Then I see the rest of them start eating.

"Lets play some games in the billiard room after dinner, okay?", asked Mr. Green. "Sure! I'll love to play a board game, by the name of Cluedo", I said. "Great!", everyone cheered.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 6 - Billiard Room

[Joseph]: Ohh...does anyone else noticed it? The board game by the name of Cluedo has the same name for the 6 characters, same as the 6 of you.

[Jack]: Yeah! Probably same like the game, I'll die in this mansion today and its up to you to find which one of the 6 of them is the killer! Hahaha!

[Mustard]: Lol! That's not funny, Jack. At least we need motive for killing you and I don't think anyone of the guests here, including me, have a motive to kill you.

[Green]: Yeah! Mustard is right, why would we kill you? Any specific reason?

[Peacock]: Unless we're somehow related to your family and you've left a will for us, then we might do it for the family heirloom.

[Scarlet]: Ohh honey! I've known you for 10 years now, yet I've never seen you as a selfish person. You treat side-road beggars like your friend while everyone else ignored them.

[White]: Yes indeed! Master Jack is the nicest person I've ever seen, not like Mr. Joseph, who turned out to be quite rude.

[Joseph]: Lol! Me? Rude? Since when I'm rude?

[Jack]: Enough! Lets get the game started. By the way, where's Raymond and Victor? I'm counting them in this game as well.

[Scarlet]: Victor told me a while ago, that he's going to the washroom, probably he got lost in this big mansion and I don't know where Raymond is.

[Green]: Raymond told me he's going to park the limousine into the garage after dinner, but I guess he never thought that the rain not only didn't stop, but getting rougher through the night.

[Jack]: I'll go to find Victor. Joseph, could you find Raymond and bring him here? Go with Mrs. White, she knows where the umbrella are located. The rest of you just stay here, as we'll be right back.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 7 - To The Garage

We walked across the hall and I saw Mrs. White looking outside through the window.

[Joseph]: Is there anything wrong, Mrs. White?

[Mrs. White]: Anything wrong? Well, the umbrellas are here, there's nothing wrong. I don't understand why you detectives like everything to be wrong! I just looked outside through the window to see if its still raining as heavy as before dinner or not. Whether we need to bring torchlights or not. Is there something wrong with that?

[Joseph]: No, I didn't meant that. Sorry. Well, by the look of the condition out there right now, I think we should bring torchlights as well.

[Mrs. White]: Wait here then, I'll go get it, its in the kitchen drawer.

[Joseph]: Okay. I'll wait here.

<After like 5 minutes later>

[Mrs. White]: I'm back! Are you ready? We can go now.

[Joseph]: The rain is heavier than before and the sky is so dark. better be quick.

[Mrs. White]: Okay.

<After walking for 5 minutes>

[Mrs. White]: Here we are! This is the garage. Now where is that Raymond?

[Joseph]: Raymond! Raymond! Are you here? Me and Mrs. White are here for you. Lets go back into the mansion.

[Mrs. White]: Raymond! If you're here, please respond!

[Joseph]: Looks like Raymond is not here. The limousine's engine is still warm. He should be here, but he's not. Where could he be?

[Mrs. White]: Well, if he's not here, then we should be heading back into the mansion.

<Thunder Rumbles>

[Mrs. White]: Ohh No! Not again! The lights are out!

[Joseph]: Don't panic! We still have our torchlights.

<15 minutes later>

[Mrs. White]: Ohh! The lights are back on, that means someone was at the electricity box and got the electricity fuse fixed.

[Joseph]: Lets go now.

[Mrs. White]: Okay.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 8 - Back To Mansion

[Joseph]: If Raymond is not in the garage, then where could he be?

[Mrs. White]: I don't know! Don't ask me! I thought you're the detective here?

[Joseph]: Okay! I'll keep my mouth shut then.

<After walking for 5 minutes>

[Raymond]: Wait! Mr. Joseph! Wait! Mrs. White!

[Joseph]: Who's that? Is that you, Raymond?

[Raymond]: Yes! Its me, Raymond. Please don't leave me alone here!

[Mrs. White]: Where the hell did you went to, Raymond?! We're searching high and low for you in the garage!

[Raymond]: I finished fixing the limousine engine and went to wash my hand in the backyard. Then, I remembered that the last time the rain is so heavy, the electricity tripped, so I went to get the wrench in my toolbox.

[Joseph]: What happened after that? And why are you having blood all over you and the wrench too, is covered with blood!

[Raymond]: You see, I was attacked by the big black dog after fixing the electricity box. You can see that there's scratches all over me as well.

[Mrs. White]: Are you okay now? Is the dog dead?

[Raymond]: Yes! Its dead! And its back there if both of you don't believe me.

[Joseph]: We didn't say we don't believe you, Raymond. Lets go now. Its getting late.

[Raymond]: Okay.

[Mrs. White]: Okay.

<After another 5 minutes walk, we finally reached the mansion doorstep>

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 9 - Death At The Mansion

<Upon pushing the main door opened, we heard screams>

[Joseph]: The scream seems to come from the first floor! Lets go!

[Mrs. White]: Okay!

[Raymond]: Can I stay here?

[Joseph]: No! Lets go!

[Raymond]: Okay! Whatever you say!

<When we reached the 1st floor landing, Ms. Scarlet screamed again>

[Ms. Scarlet]: No!!! Joseph, Jack is dead!

[Joseph]: What?! What happened?

[Mr. Green]: As told by Jack earlier, me, Scarlet, Mustard and Peacock stayed at the Billiard Room, waiting for Jack to return, together with Victor.

[Mrs. Peacock]: And we happened to joke about the board game, for having characters bearing the same name as us.

[Col. Mustard]: And we were wondering what would we do if someone kills Jack same as the board game. Then suddenly, the lights went out.

[Ms. Scarlet]: We wanted to go out to have a peek, but then Mustard reminded us that this mansion was once a haunted mansion!

[Col. Mustard]: Looks like I'm right! Jack is dead now! It must been the curse from the ghosts that haunts this mansion!

[Mrs. Peacock]: Ohh Mustard, don't you go again scaring us all! We all know that there's no ghost here!

[Mr. Green]: Then how did Jack died? By the way, who was the person who found Jack's body first?

<After some pause...>

[Professor Plum]: It was me who found Jack's body first. I was in the washroom, when I heard some arguments outside of it. So, I tried to listen hard to what the 2 peoples are talking about. I'm not sure who is the other person, as his voice is not familiar to me, but the other voice definitely belongs to Jack.

[Joseph]: Okay! I want each of you to stand on that corner of this room. I want to do a crime scene investigation now.

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

CHAPTER 10 - Crime Scene Investigation

I walked back and forth, holding up my magnifying glass, to check Jack's body. I noticed a soft scar on Jack's neck, but that's definitely not how he was killed. The room seems a little untidy, but there seems to be no sign of struggling.

Jack had a deep wound on the back of his head, deep enough until I could see his skull and not only that, his fingers seems to have some skin from scratching something or someone...

Quickly I looked back at the guests and noticed Raymond seems to cover his scratches with his long sleeves. However, I noticed he's no longer holding the wrench.

Where did he kept the wrench? I think I have to start questioning my suspects now, but who shall I start with? There seems to be so many questions in my mind, but I'm struggling to whom I should start questioning first...

Detective Joseph Chen
Detective Joseph Chen

< To All Readers >

Each one of you will be given a chance to guess who is the killer, only one chance though. Post here, together with your version of CHAPTER 10 - Crime Scene Investigation, continue from:

"There seems to be so many questions in my mind, but I'm struggling to whom I should start questioning first..."

Lists Of Suspects:
1) Raymond
2) Professor Plum
3) Colonel Mustard
4) Mr. Green
5) Mrs. Peacock
6) Ms. Scarlet
7) Mrs. White
8) Joseph

I will reveal the full length of CHAPTER 10 by November 15th, 2009. I hope each of you will get a good guess of the killer. ^_^


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